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Roasting over the fire

The Original Frank Crank

Camp life doesn’t get much better than sitting down with a cool beer and tucking into a delicious meal cooked over a campfire. But when you’ve just spent two hours building said fire, to ensure that it’s the perfect temperature to not flame-scorch everything in sight, the cooking part becomes a little less enjoyable than it should be. After all, camping is all about the process, right? But what if campfire cooking was as easy throwing steaks on a gas grill? And what if the results were just as good? Queue The Frank Crank. This bad boy has you and your campfire cooking conundrum covered, ensuring stress-free, relaxed roasting.

This lightweight cooking tool is essentially a rotisserie on a stick. The sharp stainless steel skewers hold anything from sausages, corn, kebab meat and veggies, to marshmallows and bannock bread. Hold the handmade wooden handle from the safety of your cosy camping chair and sit back while the magic happens in front of you. All you need to do is twist the aluminum knob at the handle end of the stick to rotate the skewers at the other end. The result is evenly cooked campfire food every time. No burning, no under cooking. Just perfectly roasted yumminess. So simple. But oh-so-effective.

An ideal gift for the camping foodie in your life.

Roasting marshmallow

The Frank Crank

Campfire cooking

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