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Review: Helinox Sunset Chair

Man sitting on Sunset Camping chair

An extremely lightweight yet sturdy and luxurious camping chair with an innovative and packable design

Take it to the beach, pack it up a mountain, laze in the garden, dine in the park, cosy up at campground or picnic with your pals. The Helinox Sunset Chair is one versatile and highly packable camping chair that offers so much more than just a place to plonk your backside at camp. But is the high price really worth it? Read on to see what we think.

Helinox Sunset Chair: The stats

Weight:3.25lbs / 1474g
Weight capacity:320lbs / 145kg
Pack size:18.5 x 4.5 x 3.5” / 47 x 12 x 9cm
Construction time:37 seconds!
Materials:Polyester and aluminium

Features of the Helinox Sunset Chair

Chair frame

Helinox chair DAC pole hubLike the Helinox Chair One, the Sunset frame comprises DAC aluminum alloy poles. The poles are joined together with high-strength nylon resin hubs to provide a super secure and solid base for the chair.


Chair fabricThe Sunset is available in an array of colours and patterns. We chose the Red Triangle pattern which we think best suits cocktail sipping on the beach at sunset! Practically speaking, the 600-denier polyester weave is also rather adept at keeping your backside well supported and comfortable, as well as being highly durable.

Storage bag

Helinox chairs and bottleConveniently, the Sunset comes in a zippered storage bag that is constructed of polyester and mesh to keep the weight low (and to let the sand filter through on beach days). It also features handles at both ends for easy carry, and a Velcro patch to attach to the main chair as a pillow (see below), or the back of the chair for storing your book, sunscreen and shades.

Carry bag pillow

Sunset Chair pillowOne of the most well-thought through design features of the Sunset is the ability for the carry bag to moonlight as a pillow case. Fill the case with a blanket, jacket or hoodie, zip it up and attach it to the high back of the chair for a cosy neck pillow. It elevates this already comfortable chair to another level of camping luxury.

Helinox Sunset Chair

Helinox Sunset Chair review

A quick internet search will show many similar-looking chairs to the Sunset (and other Helinox models) for a fraction of the price. And though on the face of it they basically provide the same convenient sitting opportunities at a similar weight and size etc, they are by no means made equal.

Firstly, Helinox is the only outdoor furniture brand to use DAC aluminum alloy poles. Which means what, exactly? It means that the poles are created using advanced technology used to build expedition-level backpacking tents. In short, they’re super strong, mega lightweight and will last you more than a few summers of sunset sipping.

Secondly, Helinox chairs come with a 5-Year warranty.

So yes, you may well end up paying more than double for the Sunset than you would for other options, but you get what you pay for: a lifetime of summer sunset sipping! You can’t put a price on that.

Helinox Sunset Chair parts

Set up

When I last put up the Sunset it took me 37 seconds! This included unzipping the case, by the way. To stuff and attach the pillow takes a little longer: another 30 seconds or so. It’s fast and it’s easy. So easy, that my 8-year-old nephew can whip it up without being shown how. As can my 78-year-old dad. Both of them take about the same amount of time to do it!


Probably the most desirable reason for having the Helinox Sunset Chair in your life (aside from its sturdy and durable construction), is how blooming versatile it is. The low weight, packability and ease of set up combine to offer luxurious lazing in more places than just at the campsite.

The seat height (14” / 36cm) is just high enough to sit at a table for camping meals and board games. It’s also at a height that is easy to get up from if you are in your senior years.

The low weight and packability mean that it easily fits inside a daypack with your packed lunch and an extra layer. It’s also just small enough to clip onto the outside of your pack when carrying lots of stuff to the beach.

The stylish design and comfort levels make it a superb choice for lounging in the back garden. This is especially appealing if storing outdoor chairs is an issue. Just pack it up (in less than a minute) and shove it in a cupboard.

Family picnic by the sea

Who is the Sunset for?

Campers, glampers, garden loungers, al fresco diners and picnicers (of which we are all of the above!), will all love the versatility, comfort and convenience offered by the Sunset Chair. And those who value high quality gear that they intend on looking after for years and years should most certainly opt for Helinox chairs over cheaper versions.

But the Sunset Chair has also become a bit of a game-changer for my ageing parents. Walks, picnics and day trips are SO much more comfortable for them with the Sunset in their lives! My mum, post hip replacement, doesn’t need to worry about where the next perching point to rest will be on her walks. And I don’t need to worry about how reliable the chair is for her from a stability point of view. She pops the chair in a backpack, (along with some cake and a thermos of coffee!), and takes breaks whenever she needs to. She lingers longer, enjoying the views and “resting” with her mid-walk treats. Any excuse!

It also makes family picnics in the countryside, with my folks, more spontaneous. We can walk to an unplanned destination to sit and feast, rather than to a known place where there’s a bench (usually not very far from the car, and other people).

What I love the most about the Helinox Sunset Chair

I love how versatile the chair is. From its packability and low weight, to its reliability and comfort. It opens up more opportunities to enjoy the outdoors in comfort.

What I don’t love so much about the Helinox Sunset Chair

The only thing I can fault about this chair is the high price. But, you get exceptional quality, reliability and design which means you shouldn’t need to be replacing your camping chair every couple of years.

Man sitting by fire on camping chair


Yes, it’s probably one of the highest priced camping chairs on the market. But if you’re after a highly durable and strong expedition tent quality construction that will last for years, then the Helinox Sunset Chair is well worth the spend. Add to that its fabulous and innovative design, high levels of comfort and convenience, low weight and portability, and you’ve got yourself a very desirable camping chair that will support you through years of more than just hanging out at camp.

Two thumbs up from me!

Find the latest price at:
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Disclaimer: Cool of the Wild received this product free in return for an honest review. We only recommend gear that we love from companies we trust and we are under no obligation to give a positive review. All thoughts and opinions are that of the reviewer and we are in no way influenced by the brand or company.

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