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Axe head


There’s pocket knives, pen knives, swiss army knives, and multi-tools. And then there’s the COMBAR PRO — the world’s first heavy-duty 5 tool multi-tool. Designed by ex-special forces veterans, this exceptionally well-made and highly durable toolset takes multi-purpose functionality to the next level. Combining the 5 most useful tools you could possibly need on your outdoor adventures, the COMBAR PRO will bring out the inner woodsman in you with one hold of its ergonomically shaped handle.

A stainless steel axe head, titanium shovel and steel hammer fold out from the main body of the tool. And sneakily tucked inside the robust and rugged handle you’ll find a super sharp fixed blade survival knife (with its own sheath) AND a folding saw, (you choose its length!). With that much mean looking metal in one compact package, you’ll be pleased to know that the COMBAR PRO has thorough and complete safety mechanisms to ensure you keep your fingers intact for a lifetime of use. Yep, it also comes with a lifetime warranty!

Somehow, the whole thing weighs an incredibly lightweight 1.45 kgs / 3.2 lbs. That’s only a few hundred grams heavier than your average camping axe! Could this be the ultimate outdoorsmans tool?

We sure think so.

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