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Kindling Cracker

Kindling Cracker

Splitting kindling is a highly satisfying activity – if you’re good at it. And a key part of being good at it is having an exceptionally sharp axe or hatchet. So at some point you’re going to have to take a brave and potentially catastrophic leap from kindling splitting with a blunt axe to slicing wood into splinters with a sharp axe, without having increased your skill level. Just thinking about it makes me grasp my intact fingers with love and care. If only there were a safer way of taking that leap… Oh wait, there is! Some 13 year old kid only went and invented the Kindlng Cracker! This cast iron finger preserver is such a simple concept that even your kids can be entrusted with the task. So go on, give them a hammer and get cracking!

Kindling Cracker tool

Kindling cracker and wood

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