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Red phone case

Survivor Strong Phone Case

On the face of it, the Griffin Technology Survivor Strong Phone Case looks like any other high quality phone case: streamlined, discreet and super sleek. But this ain’t no ordinary case; what the naked eye fails to see at first glance is that this tough cookie of a case is a true survivor. With two layers of super strong and shatterproof polycarbonate TPU, the Survivor Strong is designed to meet or exceed Military Standard 810-G standards. What this actually means is that it will protect your phone from almost certain death if you drop it from a height of up to 7ft (2.1m), on concrete! There’s also an Impact Dispersion System that cushions your phone inside the case, further preventing it from the grizzly end that your regular case wouldn’t deal with. For the accident prone and clumsy this is an absolute must. And for those who like to take their phone out into the wilderness as a survival backup, ensuring that your phone survives everything you’ll throw at it is essential.

The outer layer of the case has a pleasing finishing that is just grippy enough to hold easily without it being too sticky to slip into your pocket or backpack. It’s also super durable and wear-resistant – a true survivor to the bitter end. And all of that weighs in at around 50g (2oz)!

Available in dark red, clear and dark grey, this classy looking phone protector is compatible with iPhone 6 and above, and is worth its weight in gold when it comes to providing proper protection where it’s needed.

So next time you feel your heart in your mouth as your precious iPhone inadvertently pops out of your hands and plummets towards the solid ground, you’ll be wishing you opted for the unfathomable strength of the Survivor Strong.

Side view of phone case

Grey and clear phone cases

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