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What Is Glamping and Why It’s the Ideal Getaway

Inside a tent to see what is glamping

The word ‘Glamping’ first entered the English language in 2005 in the UK. Perhaps the simple linking of ‘glamorous’ with ‘camping’ was a way to entice more Brits to brave the ‘summer’ weather and get outside more. Or maybe it was a way to reconnect with the highly glamorous camping habits of our royal ancestors? Either way, whoever decided that muddy camping in the rain and wind could be marketed as something appealing, really was onto something.

What is glamping?

To me, glamping instantly musters images of bell tents, clad with pretty floral bunting, perfectly pitched in wooded glades – mottled sunbeams brightening the scene. Close your eyes and you can almost smell the fragrant pine burning on the campfire that is heating a tin kettle of coffee. Everyone in the scene is dressed for the summer in bright, pretty colours, and the children are happily playing croquet as the adults prepare a picnic supper on the handcrafted blanket.

Of course the sun isn’t always shining when glamping, and the rain will still choose the worst possible time to fall, despite it being mid-summer. But that’s OK because true glampers have more than one pair of dotty wellies to choose from that, of course, match their yellow raincoat perfectly.

But the concept of glamping isn’t a new thing, and in fact it has been going on for centuries in one form or another. The palatial tents of the Ottomans in the 16th century were transported from one military mission to the next to ensure luxury living on the road. Whilst in more recent years, wealthy westerners of the 1920s enjoyed all the usual home comforts whilst out on safari in the wilds of Africa. Glamping has evolved with the times, as with any other trend. And since the early days of new age glamping back in the noughties, it has taken another leap forwards into a multi-million dollar industry that has spread the world over.

Sure, there are still companies that offer the modest and kitsch set up described above. But a new breed of glamper has emerged that demands nothing but the highest quality service and a glamping experience that is more unique than anything previously on offer. Queue the dawn of glamping resorts.

Treehouse glamping resort

Glamping resorts – the ideal getaway

As the want and need to get away from it all has increased, holidaymakers are no longer content with all inclusive breaks at 5 star hotels. It’s not really a ‘getaway’ when you’re sharing your space with thousands of other equally desperate seekers of solace. That’s why many people just go camping. To connect with the wild, take time out in the natural world to reflect, switch off, unwind, explore and rejuvenate.

But what if you don’t want to rough it in the woods? Camping isn’t exactly a restful vacation after all. Glamping resorts are the perfect solution to this troublesome first world problem, offering everything that you would expect from 5 star hotels, but located in the most beautiful, serene and often highly unique locations. There’s no tent pitching to be done, or logs to be chopped. You don’t even need to bring your own sleeping bag. You will have a proper bed that will be made up with only the most appropriate linen to suit the conditions and surroundings.

Glamping resorts have started popping up all over the world offering a whole range of accommodations to suit the evolving needs of the modern glamper. From jungle treehouses and safari lodges in the bush, to yurts in the forest, dome tents for star gazing, riverside shepherds huts, converted buses, contemporary cabins and much much more.

Glamping in the desert

How to find the perfect glamping experience

With so many different glamping resorts and glamorous camping experiences to choose from, how does one go about finding the best of, let’s be honest, a really good bunch of options?

Go Glamping has the UK glamping market wrapped up. Their newly designed website lets you search for your next glamping holiday by location or glamping type, and instantly lures you into wanting to book something immediately.

For the rest of the world, you’ll need to head over to where, as well as filtering by location and glamping type, you can also search according to the experience you are hoping to gain. Choosing criteria such as ‘beach’, ‘farm’ or ‘wine country’ help find you the perfect glamping location for your next getaway.

So if you’ve got some time on your hands then ogling at the vast array of drool inducing glamping setups is a wonderful way to kill an hour, or three. And if glamping resort vacations are proving to be a little over budget, then why not start collecting some glamping accessories of your own to create a luxury camping escape that is truly customised to you?

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Joey Holmes is based in Cornwall, UK, and runs Cool of the Wild. She can’t get enough of being outdoors – whether that’s lounging around the campfire cooking up a feast, hitting the trail in her running shoes, or attempting to conquer the waves on her surfboard – she lives for it. Camping is what she loves to do the most, but has also spent many many hours clinging to the side of a rock face, cycling about the place, cruising the ski-slopes on her snowboard and hiking small mountains and big hills.

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