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Vegan Hiking Boots: The 16 Best Boots in 2021

Vegan Hiking Boots

During the last few years, I have spent time with more and more vegetarians and also a few vegans. I myself am a meat eater. But I try to keep my meat consumption to a minimum and always free-range. So I love hanging out with non meat-eaters. There are always loads of new recipes to try and issues to chat about. However, on a recent discussion with my vegan friend, the topic of clothing and footwear came up. In my blinkered idea of how easily I could transition to a vegetarian lifestyle without too much change, I hadn’t considered the issues surrounding anything other than consumables. It got me thinking about what I could live without, or compromise on, and one of the main things was my beloved pair of Meindl leather hiking boots. So I decided to do some investigating to see what my options would be if I decided to ditch my leathers and step up to the challenge of a vegetarian or vegan existence.

Summary of vegan hiking boots

As it turns out, it wouldn’t be such a huge compromise after all. Some major outdoor brands have the vegan hiking boot market covered, and have done for years. Yes, vegan hiking boots are a thing! Here are some options:

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BootBest forProsConsPrice
WVSport Waterproof Hiking BootsBackpacking and trekkingStylish and durable with excellent gripNo Gore-Tex membrane$
Vivobarefoot Magna TrailDay hikesIncredibly lightweight and minimalistNot much support and very thin sole$$
Merrell MGM Flex 2 Mid GORE-TEXFast and light hikingWaterproof, comfortable fit, excellent gripDurability issues$$
La Sportiva TXS GTXTechnical hiking and backpackingwaterproof, versatile, stableMinimal cushioning$$
Astral TR1 MergeHiking and water sportsWater ready, lightweight, flexible uppersSizes run small$
Lowa Innox Pro GTX MidFastpacking and hikingWaterproof, excellent ankle supportMinimal foot protection, thin midsole cushioning$$$
Topo Athletic Trailventure WPFastpacking and hikingGood for wide feet, comfortable, waterproofDurability issues with the lacing system$$
Salomon Cross Hike Mid GTXDay hikes and winter trail runningComfortable, lightweight, versatileSpeed laces won’t suit every wearer$$
Inov8 Roclite 345 GTX Hiking ShoesFast hiking and winter trail runningSuper durable solesSizing can run small$$
Merrell Fiery Gore-TexFastpacking and trail runningVery lightweight and versatile (can trail run in them too)Not as supportive as high boots$
Eco Vegan All Terrain Pro Waterproof HikerDay hikes and hill walkingWaterproof and environmentally friendlyNo vibram sole$$
Veggie Trekker MK 5Day hikes and hill walkingDurable and very well madeOnly water resistant$$$
La Sportiva Trango Cube GTXMountaineeringLightweight and comfortableNot as warm as other mountaineering boots$$$$$
Adidas Outdoor Terrex Swift R2 Mid GTXBackpacking and trekkingExcellent gripSizing can run large$$

There are a thousand reasons why people choose a vegetarian or vegan lifestyle. Too many to even touch upon here. But my research into the world of vegan footwear has opened my eyes to what options are out there; if you are considering making some changes as a consumer, small or big, you don’t really need to compromise quality and performance quite as much as you may think. If at all.

How to choose vegan hiking boots

The first and most obvious thing to look for is the materials the boots are made from. There are loads of synthetic and non-leather hiking boots out there. Many of which perform equally well, if not better, than leather hiking boots. This depends on what you are looking for in a hiking boot, but for many hikers, choosing synthetic hiking boots is preferable whether they are vegan or not.

Secondly, and much less obviously, the glue that holds your boots together should be looked at a little more closely. Many synthetic hiking boots and shoes aren’t advertised as vegan because many manufacturers use glue that contains animal products. Or unknown ingredients. This immediately makes things tricky for vegans and vegetarians and much more care is needed in choosing vegan hiking boots.

Some brands clearly state when their products are vegan, but others are a little ambiguous – especially when it comes to the contents of the glues used on their shoes and boots. So if you are unsure, then the best course of action is to contact the companies and brands directly to put your mind at ease. This resource from Vegan8 is also really useful as a quick reference on vegan footwear brands.

When buying a new pair of vegan hiking boots, you also need to consider all the usual things that one needs in a pair of great boots; comfort, fit, support, good value etc. Take a read of these suggestions on what to look for when choosing new hiking boots.

So from my research into what I would choose if I were to buy vegan hiking boots, I have discovered some really great options that I would definitely consider regardless of my vegan/vegetarian values:

16 vegan hiking boots in 2021

WVSport Waterproof Hiking Boots

WVSport Waterproof Hiking Boots

Eco-conscious: These boots are carbon neutral! As is everything Will’s Vegan Store makes and does.

Will’s Vegan Store has expanded its vegan hiking boot range in the last few years, and with it has come the WVSport Waterproof Hiking Boots. They’re super smart and sleek, but they also step up to the demands of time on the trail superbly without upping their environmental impact. The vegan leather uppers are fully waterproof and are created with bio oil that is sourced from organic cereal crops grown in Europe. Additionally, the chunky Vibram outsoles that are made from recycled rubber, offer lots of underfoot support and feature fairly aggressive lugs for excellent traction. These are one of the most eco-friendly hiking boots out there.

Pros: Stylish and durable with excellent grip
Cons: No Gore-Tex membrane

Find the latest price at:
Will’s Vegan Shoes


Vivobarefoot Magna Trail

Eco-conscious: Uppers are made from recycled PET.

For minimalist hikers the Vivobarefoot Magna Trail are a superb option to be considered. With a flat, ultra-thin (but super tough) sole, the Magna’s are designed to let your feet move freely in the way nature intended: unrestrained. Weighing only 500g / 17oz, they are incredibly lightweight making you feel very, very nimble on your feet. This is especially noticeable towards the end of a long day of hiking when heavy boots can often start to drag you down.

The boots feature a water-resistant upper that is actually pretty darn close to being fully waterproof. And the highly durable nylon upper is made from recycled PET. There is also a neoprene sock around the ankle to keep out debris and dripping water.

Due to their lightweight nature, these boots lack the ankle support and sole protection offered by traditional hiking boots. You can feel the trail much more underfoot, which can be both a good and bad thing. Plus, your feet are very close to the ground which means if you do go over on your ankle it’s not very far!

Barefoot shoes and boots can feel like a breath of fresh air to your feet and joints, and indeed your whole body! But they also take some getting used to if you are new to them. Don’t expect to hike for miles and miles and feel totally at home in them without building up to it.
Men’s version also available.

Pros: Super lightweight, minimalist design, promotes natural movement. For more info read our full review of the Vivobarefoot Magna Trail.
Cons: Can feel everything underfoot — not great on sharp, rocky terrain

Find the latest price at:
Vivobarefoot | Amazon

Merrell MGM Flex 2 Mid GORE-TEX

Merrell MGM Flex 2 Mid GORE-TEX Hiking Boots

The Merrell MGM Flex 2 Mid is a lightweight hiking boot with a highly waterproof GORE-TEX membrane. You shouldn’t have any issues with wet grass or stream crossings with these boots on your feet. Furthermore, at just 752g a pair (woman’s version), they certainly won’t weigh your feet down. When it comes to comfort, these vegan hiking boots are comfortable to wear straight out the box, no need to break them in. A removable contoured insole lets you personalize the fit and, for protection on steep downhill sections, the boots are built with an air cushion in the heel. They also feature a rock plate and TPU toe cap that protects you from sharp stones and trail debris.

Pros: waterproof, comfortable fit, excellent grip
Cons: durability issues

Find the latest price at:
Alpine Trek | Amazon | REI

La Sportiva TXS GTX

La Sportiva TXS GTX Hiking Boots

Eco-conscious: La Sportiva is an ISO Certified company, an official Bluesign member, and works in partnership with the European Outdoor Conservation Association (EOCA). La Sportiva re-use approximately 50% of production waste. Read more here.

The TXS GTX from La Sportiva is a hybrid mountain boot. It offers a lot more comfort than a typical approach shoe but performs better on uphill scrambles than regular hiking boots. The high cut ankle and medium-width outsole, combined with an EVA injected midsole, certainly provides the stable base you need for steep ascents and scree slopes. Meanwhile, the durable and flexible mesh uppers allow the boot to flex with your foot. Another key feature is the boots’ Vibram Megagrip outsole which is specifically designed to help you break and stay in control on steep terrain. It also offers outstanding grip on wet surfaces. However, on flat or non-technical terrain or multi-day treks, you might prefer something with a bit more padding. That said, if you’re looking for a versatile vegan hiking boot that you can use on a variety of terrains, the TXS GTX is certainly worth considering.

Pros: waterproof, versatile, very stable
Cons: minimal cushioning

Find the latest price at:
Alpine Trek | Amazon | REI | Backcountry

Astral TR1 Merge

Astral TR1 Merge Hiking Boots

The Astral TR1 Merge is an amphibious hiking boot that performs well on dry and rocky terrains as well as soggy trails. It’s also a popular and comfortable choice for kayakers. Built with drainage holes in the front and back of the midsoles and canvas uppers with mesh air vents, the TR1 Merge spits out water and dries fast. TPU overlays on the toe cap and heel protect your feet from trail debris and underwater stones, while rubber outsoles with 5mm lugs offer excellent grip on uneven terrain. Despite the sole, which is stiffer than other Astral shoes, the TR1 Merge is comfortable enough to wear while paddling a kayak.

Pros: water ready, lightweight, flexible uppers
Cons: sizes run small

Find the latest price on:
Amazon | REI

Lowa Innox Pro GTX Mid

Lowa Innox Pro GTX Mid Hiking Boots

Designed to be lightweight and stable, the Innox Pro GTX Mid is a cross between a trail runner and a traditional hiking boot. Lowa’s trademark MONOWRAP design (a wrapped PU frame) is coupled with a double injected PU midsole. This provides plenty of ankle support and stability. Meanwhile the multi-traction rubber outsole delivers on grip. The one drawback of these vegan hiking boots is the minimal toe and foot protection. Although the synthetic uppers are super durable, there’s little to protect you from stubbing your toes. If you’re a clumsy hiker, the Innox Pro GTX Mid might not be the best vegan hiking boot for you!

Pros: waterproof, excellent ankle support
Cons: minimal foot protection, thin midsole cushioning

Find the latest price at:
Alpine Trek | Amazon | REI

Topo Athletic Trailventure WP Hiking Boots

Topo Athletic Trailventure WP Hiking Boots

The Topo Athletic Trailventure WP is one of the most comfortable lightweight vegan hiking boots on our list. It’s fitted with a 3-piece ZipFoam midsole that acts as a stable and cushioned base for walking. There’s also a full-length rock plate that protects the sole of your foot from rocks and foam padding that moulds around the ankle. Plus, the roomy toe box makes these vegan hiking boots a smart choice for hikers with wide feet.

When it comes to durability, the Trailventure WP features super tough ripstop uppers, heavy-duty laces, and waterproof taped seams. It’s worth noting, however, that the lacing eyelets may not be as long-lasting as the rest of the boot.

Pros: good for wide feet, comfortable, waterproof
Cons: durability issues with the lacing system

Find the latest price on:
Amazon | REI | Backcountry

Salomon Cross Hike Mid GTX

Salomon Cross Hike Mid GTX Hiking Boots

Super nimble, yet stable and waterproof, the Salomon Cross Hike Mid GTX is a vegan hiking boot that offers the agility of a trail running shoe. The rubber outsole is fitted with deep multi-directional lugs providing excellent grip on unstable terrain, mud, and soggy grass. Meanwhile, the mid-height ankle support offers stability without restricting movement. We also like that the Cross Hike Mid GTX is both waterproof and breathable. Plus, if you hate fiddling about with laces, the elasticated speed-laces are your dream come true. These hiking boots are comfortable straight out the box and perform well on day hikes, and winter trail runs. However, the lack the support of traditional hiking boots often needed on more demanding terrain or for multi-day trekking.

Pros: comfortable, lightweight, versatile
Cons: speed laces won’t suit every wearer

Find the latest price at:
Alpine Trek | Amazon | REI | Backcountry

Inov8 Roclite 345 GTX Hiking Shoes

Inov8 Roclite 345 GTX Hiking Shoes

The Inov8 Roclite 345 GTX Hiking Shoes are the perfect match for hikers who like to stay nimble on their feet. They combinine the flexibility, comfort and grip of running shoes with the protection and support of hiking boots. Weighing only 815g / 1.9lbs per pair, these lightweight trail boots owe their supreme grip to the innovative graphene-enhanced G-GRIP outsole which offers “the world’s toughest and most durable grip”. Impressive! Add a Gore-Tex membrane for breathable, waterproofness and you’ve got yourself a vegan hiking boot that is ideal for fast and light hikers or winter trail runners.

Pros: Super durable and strong soles
Cons: Sizing can run small

Find the latest price at:
Amazon | Alpine Trek | Backcountry

Merrell Fiery Gore-Tex

Merrell Fiery Gore-Tex

For those looking for one shoe for all adventures, these Merrell vegan hiking shoes are an excellent option. Though designed for trail running in rugged mountain terrain, these waterproof shoes are beefy enough to provide plenty of protection and stability for fast and light hikers, too. Fastpackers will love their low weight (650g per pair), as well as the M Select GRIP outsole for excellent grip over mixed terrain. Plus, the synthetic leather and mesh shoes feature a synthetic toe cap to allow for super-charged hiking, trekking or running in tough conditions.

Pros: Very lightweight and versatile (can trail run in them too)
Cons: Less ankle support than high boots

Find the latest price at:

Eco Vegan hiking Boots

Eco Vegan All Terrain Pro Waterproof Hiker

Eco-conscious Flurocarbon-free water repellent finish.
Eco Vegan All Terrain Pro Waterproof Hikers are a fully waterproof walking boot. Uniquely, they owe their waterproof properties to the Schoeller’s Ecorepel system that acts in a similar way to the feathers of waterfowl. Ecorepel is also flurocarbon-free. Compared with other water repellent finishes this is a big tick from an environmental viewpoint. In addition to this, the breathable micro-fibre and Advanced Swiss Fabric, also from Schoeller, helps to provide all round good levels of protection from the elements either out in the wild or about town. The lightweight and durable sole adds to the comfort and good quality that will step up to lengthy day hikes and hill walks.

Pros: Environmentally friendly and waterproof
Cons: Sizes come up large

Find the latest price on:
Eco Vegan

Veggie Trekker Hiking Boots

Veggie Trekker MK 5

The Veggie Trekker MK 5 does a very good job of looking the part, and despite the lack of Gore-tex lining, steps up to its great expectations too. It is a very well made vegan hiking boot that is sturdy and robust and will deal with tough long days of trekking excellently well. The Vibram outsole has deep and chunky lugs that are super grippy, and together with the tough breathable micro-fibre uppers, will take on challenging terrain year round. These boots are superbly well made and will certainly go the distance in terms of durability. Their main downfall is that the Wind-Tex lining is only wind and water resistant, not fully waterproof and windproof.

Pros: Very durable and well made
Cons: Only water resistant

Find the latest price on:
Vegetarian Shoes

La sportiva trango

La Sportiva Trango Cube GTX Mountaineering Boots

These ultralight mountaineering boots may not be designed for the pedestrian hiker, but on winter alpine expeditions these are the top choice for the vegan mountaineer. La Sportiva have reached new heights when it comes to maximising out of box comfort; the seamless upper and direct-inject lacing system resists abrasion and also reduces weight. And the Gore-Tex lining ensures waterproof protection in even the most challenging winter conditions. As one of the lightest mountaineering boots on the market, these vegan winter boots make for an excellent choice for alpine hikers and ice climbers alike. Compatible with hybrid crampons and supported by Vibram soles, you will struggle to find a more comfortable boot of this grade.

Womens version is also available.

Pros: Lightweight and super comfortable
Cons: Not as warm as other mountaineering boots due to their lightweight nature

Find the latest price on:
Amazon | Alpine Trek | Backcountry

Adidas Terrex Swift R2 Mid

Adidas Outdoor Terrex Swift R2 Mid GTX

With the feel of a running shoe but the performance of a boot, it’s no wonder that the Terrex Swifts have been getting consistently great reviews for so many years. The Adiprene shock absorbent foam midsole contributes to the overall comfortable feel of these lightweight boots. And although the lugs of the Traxion rubber outsole are relatively shallow, they do a great job at getting to grips with almost every type of hike you can throw at them. Better suited to narrow feet, the Swifts also run a little bigger than your usual foot size, so it’s worth ordering a couple of pairs, or trying before you buy.

These boots compete fiercely with Inov8 for a stable, waterproof and super lightweight boot that will provide plenty of support when hiking with a load in varied conditions.

If you prefer a lower cut, then Adidas have also developed vegan hiking shoes in the Swift range.

Pros: Great grip
Cons: Can run a little large

Find the latest price on:
Amazon | Backcountry | Alpine Trek


Arc’teryx Bora Mid GTX

Combining the comfort and agility of an approach shoe with the support and stability of a hiking boot, the Arc’teryx Bora Mid GTX hiking boots offer a truly excellent option for vegan backpackers and trekkers. Complete with a Vibram outsole for excellent grip and stability, and a Gore-tex lining to keep the water out, these breathable and super lightweight boots tick all the right boxes when it comes to performance in varied conditions. But what makes them really stand out is the separate internal lining that stretches around the foot for a custom fit that is super comfortable. The absence of a tongue further adds to their slipper-like feel and low weight. The Bora’s also feature seamless uppers that maximise abrasion resistance and durability, whilst minimising seam failure.

Men’s version also available.

Pros: Waterproof, super comfortable and very durable
Cons: Pricey

Find the latest price on:
Amazon | Backcountry

Lowa Irox GTX Mid Hiking Boots

Weighing in at an impressively lightweight 1.2kg per pair, the Lowa Irox GTX Mid Hiking Boots are the ideal vegan option for trekkers and backpackers wanting to stay nimble on their feet without sacrificing performance. The athletic design, developed with input from alpinist Ralf Dujmovits, offer waterproof protection, thanks to synthetic uppers and a Gore-Tex membrane. Plus, the Lowa Elika rubber soles, coupled with Dual-density Lowa DuraPU midsoles, provide comfort, stability and superb grip on challenging high mountain hikes and casual hill walks alike.

Pros: Very lightweight and supportive
Cons: Pricey

Find the latest price at:

Whether you are vegan, vegetarian or a fully fledged carnivore, this excellent selection of vegan hiking boots is guaranteed to have something for you. And if having a fully synthetic walking boot is non-negotiable, then there really is no need to compromise on top class hiking footwear any longer. Happy feet all round!

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