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Sustainability Influencers in the Outdoor Industry

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Social media has made information more accessible and provides us with multiple perspectives when approaching issues like climate change. Sustainability influencers are becoming increasingly important in every aspect of our lives. They provide us with new ideas and shed light on important issues that may not always be covered by mainstream media.

What is a green influencer?

A green influencer uses their voice to advocate for any environmental cause or topic. Most of the time, that means they are a content creator of some kind. It is not strictly tied to social media as many influencers are video and audio creators as well. That’s why we have included a wide variety of influencers on our list. There are a variety of niches within the realm of sustainability, from environmental intersectionality to low-waste parenting.

12 sustainability influencers you should follow today

To help you get the most out of your social media feed, we have put together a list of twelve sustainability influencers you should follow today. Many create content relevant to the outdoor industry, but some focus more on lifestyle content or environmental education.

Kristy Drutman is an environmental podcast host, speaker, activist, and influencer. She is also the creator of the Green Jobs Board to help people find the perfect job in various environmentally focused fields. Her podcast, YouTube channel, and social media fields not only bring many climate news stories into the limelight, but she also shares resources and advocates for environmental intersectionality. If you want to have a deeper understanding of the climate crisis but also want to learn more about environmental racism and racial equity in the outdoors, follow and tune into Kristy’s content.

If you are interested in sustainability influencers that focus more on lifestyle and climate action, then Shelbi is an excellent resource. She has a presence on almost every social media platform, as well as running an educational YouTube channel along with a website with even more in-depth content. Her main focus areas are beauty, zero waste, lifestyle, and fashion. Much of her content is very practical and approachable, making it easy to take action. Some of her content has stemmed into outdoor recreation, but most of it will fall into the realm of lifestyle and general zero waste information.

Caulin Donaldson is a video creator most known for his beach cleanups on TikTok. He is currently working on a project he is documenting on TikTok, where he picks up trash on the beach every day of 2022. He also has an Instagram account and a Facebook page but is most active on TikTok. You can learn more about Caulin’s trash collecting journey on the Everyday Environmentalist Podcast.

If you want to learn more about biology or are looking for a scientific community, Dillon Jones is the person to follow. He created a public platform for scientists to share information with people both inside and outside of their communities. His content is super entertaining but also has real-world applications for people that love getting outdoors. Along with his Instagram page, he runs a website with more resources.


Bobo the dog (Briahna Hendey)

With a background in environmental science and psychology, Briahna has applied her knowledge of sustainability to life as a dog owner. Briahna noticed a lack of information for pet owners in the sustainability realm, so with the help of her rescue dog Boba she creates relatable content that pet owners of all kinds can utilize. From training, treats, toys, and enrichment, Briahna and Boba are on a mission to make living with a companion animal more sustainable.

Business owners and consumers in the outdoor industry can all benefit from the insights Amanda Winther puts into the world. She has an active Instagram presence highlighting topics like greenwashing, understanding sustainability language, and more. While her focus is primarily on helping businesses tell their “green” stories, much of the content is still helpful to consumers in understanding and sifting through sustainability jargon and making more informed purchases. Amanda also offers courses and other services on her website.

Ana Lucia

Ana Lucia

As seen in Outside Magazine, Ana Lucia Valencia counted every bit of trash she created for one month while hiking the Pacific Crest Trail. Ana completed a thru-hike of the PCT in 2021, which in and of itself is an amazing feat. She not only hiked 2,653 mi/4,264 km, but she also did it waste-free. After completing that journey, she shares zero-waste hiking tips online and through other media platforms by participating in webinars, being on podcasts, and being interviewed for articles.

Making foraging fun, entertaining, and educational, Alexis Nikole Nelson has become a social media phenomenon on both Instagram and TikTok. Creating content entirely about foraging, she educates her audience about the wonders of wild food. If having a deeper relationship with food is your goal, you enjoy cooking, or you enjoy learning about plants, you need to follow her account. She’s wildly educational, but also somehow makes learning about plants accessible and exciting. Who knew foraging could be so fun?

A big part of the environmental movement revolves around the food we eat. Immy Lucas shares recipes, resources for beginners, and other zero-waste lifestyle tips. While much of her information can be found on Instagram, she also runs a website and a YouTube channel. For in-depth information on all things low-impact living and being a sustainable vegan, we recommend her YouTube channel and all of the other amazing resources she creates.

Karen Maurice is parents’ go-to resource for sustainable living. Having kids and living sustainably is a difficult task, but Karen makes it very accessible with her countless resources on her website and Instagram. While she has a big focus on low-waste living with kids, she has tons of other resources about fashion, wellness, travel, beauty, and more.

The author and host of the Outdoor Minimalist podcast, Meg Carney, is still building a following focusing on minimalism and conscious consumerism. The goal of Outdoor Minimalist is to educate and inform consumers and industry leaders about how to recreate sustainability. Our impact on outdoor spaces starts long before we hit the trail and blends into every aspect of our lives. If you want to learn more about product production, the impact of the pet industry, or low-waste hiking tips, tune in each week where Meg interviews an industry expert on a new topic. You can also pre-order a copy of her book Outdoor Minimalist, which is set to be released in September 2022.

Travel is a big part of the outdoor industry and many people’s lives. Abbie Synan has made it her mission to continuously find more ethical and sustainable travel methods. Luckily, she is sharing her journey with all of us. You can get travel tips, destination run downs, and ways to make all of your travels a little bit more eco-friendly. Check out more of her content and resources on her website.

Meghan Carney

Meghan Carney
Meg is an outdoor and environmental writer specialising in outdoor industry topics, trends, and gear. She is the author of the upcoming book Outdoor Minimalist: Waste Less Hiking, Camping, and Backpacking and the host of the Outdoor Minimalist Podcast.

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