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Review: Robens Drifter Lite Chair

Robens Driter Lite Chair

A highly packable and very stable lazy lounging chair for camping, glamping and beach time

Sit back and really relax in low lounging luxury of the Robens Drifter Lite Chair; the ideal compact camping chair for glampers, picnicers and campers. It’s impressively packable, though a little on the heavy side for backpacking. Plus, its super stylish design makes it as well suited to your back garden as it is to being sat on in the wilderness.

Robens Drifter Lite Chair: The stats

Weight:2.9lbs / 1300g
Weight capacity:265lbs / 120kg
Pack size:13.4 x 6.3 x 3.5” / 34 x 16 x 9 cm
Construction time:1 minute
Materials:Polyester and aluminium

Features of the Robens Drifter Lite Chair

Chair frame

Camping chair frameWith a matt gold finish, the aluminium frame has strong elastic running through the hollow tubes to keep it connected at all times, even when folded up. To aid with folding up the frame, there is a separate Velcro strap.


Chair seatThe seat of the chair sits relatively low to the floor, 15cm / 5.9” off the ground. This is ideal for use in small tents or under low hung tarps. But also great for lounging!
The seat is constructed of 420D polyester with polyester mesh panels for enhanced breathability and comfort. Popper buttons on the sides of the seat ensure that the fabric stays in place on the frame.

Storage bag

Back of chairBoth the frame and seat fold up and fit inside a storage bag. This is zippered and has a webbing carry handle. The bag also has two webbed loops which attach to the frame so that the bag can be used as a handy organiser.

Attachment loop

Bottle holder on chairThere is a small buckle on the side of the chair to attach a bottle holder to. This doesn’t come with the chair but is a useful addition for proper down time at camp.

Camping chair components

Robens Drifter Lite Chair review

The Robens Drifter Lite is the more sophisticated cousin of the Pathfinder Lite. It boasts all the same classy finishes as the Pathfinder (gorgeous matt gold frame complemented by a granite grey seat), but with an even more elegant, laid back and comfortable design.

The Drifter is much closer to the ground than the Pathfinder and has a wider seat to really relax into. Yes, it’s a little heavier and less suitable for backpacking or overnight hiking trips than the Pathfinder. But it’s still impressively compact, folding down into a zippered case that’s comparable to the Helinox Chair One, making it an excellent option for canoe or SUP camping when weight isn’t too much of an issue.

Packed chairs

But where the Drifter is most at home is on DIY glamping trips where its elegant style won’t go unnoticed. It’s also ideal for cosying up in next to a campfire or fire pit, or for sunbathing on the beach or your backyard. The low seat means that the most comfortable position is with your legs out in front of you. In this position it’s impossible not to feel instantly relaxed.

The design of the frame is a little different to most compact camping chairs. And as such, it’s a little more complex to put together. Don’t worry though; it comes with instructions and once you’ve done it once it’s actually really straightforward. If you plan on putting it away in a rush, however, then think again! No matter how many times I fold it up and pack it into its carry case, it doesn’t see to get any easier! The way the poles are bent makes them very awkward to deal with without getting into a fluster. The pole segments simply don’t want to be separated and they REALLY don’t want to go back in the bag separately! Recently I’ve found the best method is to pack each segment in as it gets unfolded, instead of trying to unfold it all and then packing it away as one piece.

Despite that, the otherwise awkwardness of the frame, is a really excellent design whose legs deal much better than the Pathfinder when used on soft ground or sand. Weight is spread more across the whole frame rather than into 4 feet. As such, the chair doesn’t sink into the ground so easily. This, together with the low position of the chair, mean that the overall stability is really good. It’s very hard to topple the chair.

Campers sitting on chairs next to tent

What I love the most about the Robens Drifter Lite Chair

Considering how compact this chair is, I think that the comfort it provides is its best feature. It also looks very stylish!

What I don’t love so much about the Robens Drifter Lite Chair

Packing it away into its carry case isn’t as easy as it should be. Don’t attempt it unless you have time and patience in abundance!



Glampers, backyard loungers, beach goers, picnicers and campers who value style as much as function will love the Robens Drifter Lite Chair. Though a little on the heavy side for backpacking, it’s impressively compact and ideal for packing in a daypack for luxury picnics as well as extended camping and glamping trips. It’s also super comfortable, with a strong and very stable frame. So long as you can stomach the slightly high price and you don’t try to pack it away in a hurry, there’s very little to dislike about this elegantly designed camping chair.

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