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Review: Power Practical Luminoodle Light Rope


The world’s first waterproof, super bright and versatile light string that can be hung around almost anything.

The Power Practical Luminoodle Light Rope isn’t just another camping gimmick that it could easily be mistaken for on first impressions. Oh no. This flexible noodle light is a fully waterproof lighting solution that combines the usefulness of a camping lantern with the versatility and fun-factor of a string light. With a ton of light modes, colours, and brightness settings, the Luminoodle is a must-have for camping families and wild campers alike.

Power Practical Luminoodle: The stats

Length:5 feet (1.5m)
Number of LED settings:4 light modes and 15 colours
Weight:4.7oz (133 g)
USB Input:2.5W (5V,0.5A)
Waterproof:IP-67 rated (up to 1 meter for 30 minutes)

Design features of the Power Practical Luminoodle

Rechargeable battery pack

Battery packThere is the option to buy the Luminoodle with a Lithium battery pack. This has a magnet attached to it on a rubber casing which is great to help out the magnetic sliders when attaching the Luminoodle to metal. The battery pack has a USB port and a mini USB port that can be attached to any mains USB port to recharge the battery. And the reversible USB at the end of the Luminoodle plugs into the battery pack to turn the lights on instantly. Any battery pack can be used to power the Luminoodle.

Remote controlled settings

Remote controlThe remote control is a genius addition to this already great setup. Powered by a single watch battery that is easy to replace, the control enables you to adjust the atmosphere from as far as 33ft (10m) from the Luminoodle power pack. It controls the Luminoodle’s brightness, colour, light modes and light speeds, and also turns it on and off. With a slim and lightweight design it fits in your pocket easily when you’re not using it.

In-line controller

Inline controllerAs well as the wireless remote control, there is also an in-line controller at the battery pack end of the Luminoodle. This has only 3 buttons that control all of the modes and settings described above, including an on/off button. A quick read of the instructions will help you get to grips with the in-line controller in no time.

Magnetic sliders

Magnetic stripsThere are 3 magnetic sliders that are built-in to the Luminoodle. They are easily moved along the noodle to wherever you need them to be, to either attach onto your tent pole, the side of your van or car, or anything metal where you need some light. They are strong enough to hold up the noodle with the battery pack attached, even without the use of the battery pack’s own magnet.

Quick straps

Quick strapsIf you don’t have anything metal available to attach your Luminoodle to, there are 4 Quick Straps available to help you out. The simple velcro straps include a small metal plate that the magnetic sliders and battery pack magnet can easily attach to. Simply attach the straps to your tent ceiling gear loops or tent canopy poles, and attach the Luminoodle using the magnetic sliders. This makes it super easy if you need to take the lights down to move somewhere else, without having to undo all the straps.

Carry bag

LanternAll the components of the Luminoodle fit neatly inside the Ripstop nylon drawstring carry bag. Turn the lights on when they’re packed away inside the bag, and you’ve got yourself a lantern! This is way more effective at diffusing the light inside the bag than you might think, and actually puts out a good enough light to read by that lights up a wide area too. The string on the bag acts as a handle for the lantern so that it can be easily carried or hung up wherever you need your light.

Light settings

There are 4 light modes to choose from, depending on the effect you want to create with your Luminoodle:

  • Solid colour mode – the colour stays the same and doesn’t flash or fade
  • Strobe-one colour – the colour stays the same but the lights flash on and off
  • Strobe-all colours – the lights flash on and off and the colour changes with each flash
  • rossfade – the lights stay on and fade through all the colour options

All of the above modes can be used in combination with all 15 colour options which include cool white, pure white (great for brightness) and warm white (which is my favourite for creating a nice cosy atmosphere). Modes 2, 3 and 4 can be set to run at 7 different speeds and they can all be set at 8 different brightness levels.

Power Practical Luminoodle review

When I first got my Luminoodle in the mail I was making a tipi den with 7-year old niece. We were both mega excited to try it out, and since our tipi had yet to be modernised with electricity, it only seemed right to light it up inside with the Luminoodle. It was perfect! We both fell in love with it immediately and, distracted by all the cool light settings and colours, forgot all about the game we were playing and just enjoyed hanging out in our den to the ambient, and sometimes glaring Luminoodle lights!

Tent lit up

Since then, I have used it inside my backpacking tent when wild camping. The white lights provide an incredibly bright and even light to read by, and also fill the whole tent with light so that both my camping partner and myself can get everything sorted without having our own headlamps (and constantly blinding each other!).

I have also used it underneath a fireside canopy. The warm white light meant that we could see well enough to play cards without ruining the cosy campfire atmosphere with a glaring cold light.

The flashing light modes are less practical when it comes to your lighting needs, but to create a nice background atmosphere those light modes are a nice addition.

Fireside canopy

What I love the most about the Luminoodle

I love how versatile it is. It is as at home wild camping in the middle of nowhere as it is attached to my radiator at home to add a bit of atmosphere to the room. The variety of ways to attach it to things makes it work with just about anything, and the simplicity of the lantern bag is genius.

Oh, and I also really love the name, and find myself saying out loud in a silly voice whenever I get to use the Luminoodle!

What I don’t love so much about the Luminoodle

The functionality of the Luminoodle couldn’t be better. My one negative is that it drains the battery when on solid colour mode (the most useful) a bit too quickly. There are no guidelines as to the expected run time on a full battery, and I have been caught short a couple of times when the battery has run out sooner than expected. So if I expect to need it on full mode for more than an hour, I make sure I have a backup battery pack with me.



If you are a camping fan then you will love the Luminoodle. And if you have kids that also love camping, then getting the Luminoodle on your camping checklist is an absolute must. This thing is functional, mega versatile and so much fun, whether you are camping or not! Each time I use it I love it even more than the last time and will definitely be getting one for my niece to enjoy using in her dens and to light up the inside of her camper van. She’ll probably also find some ways to use it for dress ups!

The Luminoodle is an excellent addition to any camping gear list, and at a price that’s right.

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Disclaimer: Cool of the Wild received this product free in return for an honest review. We only recommend gear that we love from companies we trust and we are under no obligation to give a positive review. All thoughts and opinions are that of the reviewer and we are in no way influenced by the brand or company.

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