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Review: Lowe Alpine Aeon 27 Daypack

Lowe Alpine Aeon 27 Daypack

A full-featured, multi-activity daypack that will have you questioning the existence of all your other packs!

Designed with the true adventurer in mind, the Lowe Alpine Aeon 27 Daypack is the ideal pack for a multitude of adventures. Packed with convenient storage solutions and finished off with simple yet clever design features. This streamlined daypack is bigger than it looks and is the ideal carrying companion for all your hiking, biking, climbing and overnight adventures.

Lowe Alpine Aeon 27 Daypack: The stats

Volume:27 litres
Weight:850g / 1.87lbs
Number of pockets:8
Material:100D x 210D nylon

Features of the Lowe Alpine Aeon 27 Daypack

Suspension system

Back panel of backpackThe Air Contour system offers high levels of ventilation but with a full contact back panel. This body hugging and supportive fit makes the bag stable when fully loaded. It is also adjustable to your torso length.

Shoulder harness

Backpack strapsDespite their super thin and lightweight construction, the shoulder straps still manage to provide ample comfort and support when the pack is loaded. The load lifters help to keep the pack close to the body and allows for even weight distribution.


Fabric of backpackBoth the 100D and 210D nylon sections of the pack have a Trishield coating which adds strength and durability. The fabric is also abrasion resistant.

H2O compatible

H2O pocketThere is a separate pocket between the main compartment and the back panel that houses a hydration reservoir. The top of the pocket features a small buckle to hold the reservoir in place, and the shoulder straps have elasticated loops to pass the drinks tube through and hold it in place.

Tool carrier

Multi-lockThe MultiLock system is super simple to use. It is designed to securely attach hiking poles, a helmet or an ice axe to the outside of the pack. But you can also use it to attach other lightweight items like rain jackets, a mug, climbing shoes, or even beach BBQ utensils!

Main compartment

Inside backpackThe big D-zip allows you to open up the whole front of the bag to easily access all your stuff — even the hard to get things at the bottom of your pack.

Side pockets

Side pocketThese stretchy, lightweight mesh pockets have an elasticated top to keep large bottles securely in place. The pockets are deep and easily hold my tall (30cm) 1 litre flask without fear of it toppling out.

Top pockets

Internal pocketThere are two really useful zippered pockets at the top of the pack. One on the outside for easy to reach, frequently used items. And one on the inside for valuables. The inside pocket also has a key clip.

Front pocket

Front pocketThe large front mesh pocket has a reinforced opening to help it endure the regular delvings into this highly useful pocket. It is plenty big enough to store maps, guidebooks, extra layers, wet items of clothing, or smelly climbing shoes.

Hip belt

Hip belt pocketsWith light padding and mesh panels for ventilation, the hip belt is highly comfortable even when the bag is heavily loaded. The belt is adjustable with forward pulling straps that aren’t too long and annoying! There are also two mega useful zippered pockets on the belt that are large enough to hold snacks, phone, gps, compass or a compact camera.

Sternum strap

Sternum strapThis features a removable whistle! The strap is made of lightweight webbing that is adjustable up and down the shoulder straps and can be tightened across the chest.

Compression straps

Compression strapsThere are two compression straps on each side of the pack that are secured with a buckle. These straps not only cinch down the whole pack for heightened stability, but they also hold extra gear under them as well as keeping the side pocket contents in place.

Zipper pulls

Zipper pullThe zipper pulls are large and easy to use — even when wearing gloves. This is a really nice, and undervalued feature — there is nothing worse than fiddling around with awkward zips when your hands are freezing!


Lowe Alpine Aeon 27 Daypack review

Lowe Alpine think that the Aeon 27 is quite possibly their greatest creation. I’ve not used their gear much in the past, so I can’t directly compare this daypack to their previous offerings. However, there’s much to love about this very versatile daypack. And compared with the many other packs I’ve used from other brands, I feel that Lowe Alpine should, indeed be very proud of the Aeon.


Firstly, let’s take a look at the weight. At 850g / 1.87lbs there are certainly more lightweight options out there. But for a such a full-featured daypack with a generous capacity, this is impressively light. Lowe Alpine have clearly worked hard at keeping the weight down. This shows most obviously in the lack of padding on the shoulder straps, which I think is its main downfall.

The pack also features five pockets whose mesh fabric saves more weight. The stretch of the this mesh means you can really stuff the pockets full. And so far they are holding their shape (not becoming over-stretched).


Secondly, the features of this pack are all very well thought through for use during a whole range of activities. I’m a big fan of the multi-lock system which allows you to attach all-sorts to the outside of the pack, instantly increasing its carrying capacity. And the stretchy pockets on the hip belt make accessing your small essentials a breeze. My compact camera lives there. Because I never have to take my pack off to take a snap, I take more of them!


I’m used to more padding on the shoulder straps. So, carrying the fully loaded Aeon with its streamlined and lightweight straps has taken a bit of getting used to. That said, the straps don’t rub and they distribute the weight relatively well. Just not as plush as I’d prefer.

The back panel feels really great, though. And I rather enjoy the close to body fit of this design. It feels secure when fully loaded and when moving fast or erratically!
Woman hiking up steep trail

What I love the most

I love the stretch pockets on the outside of the bag. In fact, I love all the pockets and storage options. You can pack a lot more into this bag than you might think.

What I don’t love so much

As with many unisex backpacks, the sternum strap sits low on the chest and can’t be adjusted high enough to sit in a comfortable place for me, a lady wearer. Even when moved up to its highest point it doesn’t quite feel right.

I’d also prefer the shoulder straps to have a little more padding for increased comfort.


If you’re a fan of multi-purpose gear that does the job of several variations of the same item, the Lowe Alpine Aeon 27 Daypack is for you. It holds much more than you might think with design features that make it ideal for multi-activities. Great storage options, good levels of comfort and highly useable. My new favourite pack for every kind of adventure!

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Disclaimer: Cool of the Wild received this product free in return for an honest review. We only recommend gear that we love from companies we trust and we are under no obligation to give a positive review. All thoughts and opinions are that of the reviewer and we are in no way influenced by the brand or company.

Joey Holmes

Joey Holmes
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