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Review: Jetboil Flash Cooking System

Jetboil flash cooking system

A lightweight all-in-one cooking system with a boil time of only 100 seconds!

Everyone dreams of fast food to greet them at the end of a tough day on the trail. Well, for hungry hikers, bikepackers, tourers and solo adventurers, the Jetboil Flash Cooking System delivers just that. Jetboils fastest ever stove boils half a litre of water in just 100 seconds. With the right camping menu, fast food on the trail will finally become a reality!

Jetboil Flash: The stats

Weight:371g / 13.1oz
Boil time:100 seconds per ½ litre!
Capacity:1 litre
Dimensions (when packed):10.4 x 18cm / 4.1 x 7.1in

Features of the Jetboil Flash

Cooking pot

Jetboil potThe 1 litre FluxRing pot has a measurement line inside to help you gauge how much you need to cook. There is also an insulating sleeve around the pot that features a thermochromatic heat indicator. This changes colour from red to bright orange/yellow as the contents of the pot heats up. The sleeve also means that you can pick up and hold the pot straight from the stove. And the handle makes it easy to pour.

Pot base

Bottom of jetboilThe FluxRing pot has what is essentially ruffles of metal attached to its bottom creating a mega efficient heat conductor. The base is also designed so that the pot slides inside the stove and twists in place to keep it secure when cooking.


Lid of jetboilThere is a clear lid that fits over the top of the pot. This has a sipping hole which is ideal to drinking soups and hot drinks straight from the pot. It also has some draining holes which are mega useful to prevent those noodles from escaping each time you try to strain out the water!

Bottom cover

Pot coverThere is small plastic cover that fits on the base of the pot to protect it when in transit. This also doubles as a measuring cup and bowl when not being used as a cover.


Stove ignitionThe push button ignition is self-lighting and controlled with a simple metal handle that twists to increase or decrease the fuel flow. There is enough control to just about keep food simmering, rather than boiling.

Fuel stabiliser

Fuel stabiliserAn optional extra is a stabiliser that fits onto the bottom of the gas canister. It has three fold-out legs that makes the whole system more stable, especially when stirring a full pot on uneven ground.

Jetboil Flash review

I’ve always been a little sceptical of all-in-one cooking systems. They seem to lack the versatility of regular canister stoves and only really excel in fairly specific camp cooking scenarios.

However, and that’s a big ‘however’, when you need to cook food fast and efficiently without a second thought for wind, the Jetboil Flash totally rocks! And yes, I’m converted. I even take it car camping just to boil up a hot drink in the time it takes an electric kettle to do the job.

It’s insanely fast at boiling water. The first time I used it I almost boiled all the water away by accident. I was faffing around doing other things. By the time I checked on the water to see how it was doing it had been happily bubbling itself away into hot air for a couple of minutes. I totally underestimated the efficiency of this little puppy.

Even a brisk wind does little to dampen the enthusiasm of the Flash’s powerful output. The way in which the pot fits together with the stove keeps the flame well protected, with the heat being directed efficiently right at the base of the pot.

Yes, the set up is fairly limiting in terms of versatility, as predicted. But where the Jetboil Flash really excels is solo cooking on lightweight adventures. The sort of adventures where as soon as you stop moving you want (and need) to be eating! Within minutes (100 seconds to be precise!) you can have a hot soup inside you. A game-changer for winter expeditions. And although the simmer control doesn’t quite compare to some other regular lightweight stoves, it still does a pretty decent job at simmering your food.

From a packability point of view the Flash system is also very impressive. The stove and fuel stabiliser fit inside the main pot, and a small 100g gas canister also fits inside the pot.

Drinking from jetboil pot

What I love the most about the Jetboil Flash

The Flash system is incredibly fast and efficient at cooking basic backpacking food or boiling up hot water. For solo missions, or backcountry coffee for two it’s a total no-brainer. And I really love that it is barely affected by the wind.

What I don’t love so much about the Jetboil Flash

The Flash lacks the simmer control of other regular stoves, but then it’s not really designed for gourmet cooking! It also lacks versatility/compatibility with any cooking pots or stoves that you may already have. (Although you can buy other Jetboil compatible accessories — like a coffee press which I absolutely love!).

Unfortunately, after almost two years of use, the push button ignition has conked out. I found this out when out wild camping. Stupidly, I didn’t have my fire lighter with me! So, either be sure to test the ignigtion before each use, or pack your fire lighter, just in case.

Jetboil Flash


For fast and light solo adventurers the Jetboil Flash is the only cooking system you need consider. With an insanely fast boil time that is mega efficient, even in the wind, this packable and lightweight integrated cooking system will not disappoint. Try cooking posh meals for two on it and you may struggle!

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Disclaimer: Cool of the Wild received this product free in return for an honest review. We only recommend gear that we love from companies we trust and we are under no obligation to give a positive review. All thoughts and opinions are that of the reviewer and we are in no way influenced by the brand or company.

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