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Review: Columbia Titan Peak Trekking Legging

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Hard-wearing, comfortable and highly versatile hiking leggings

Leggings and tights are fast becoming the go-to option above hiking pants for outdoor women. But not all leggings are made equal which is why it’s essential to go for a high quality option that is fit for purpose. The reinforced knees and seat, coupled with thick, moisture-wicking and hardwearing fabric, make Columbia Titan Peak Trekking Legging the ideal partner to all your outdoor escapades.

Columbia Titan Peak Trekking Legging: The stats

Fabric:Polyester, nylon and elastane blend
Pockets:1 zippered thigh pocket
Fit:Mid rise, skinny
Colours available:Black

Design features of the Columbia Titan Peak Trekking Legging


Fabric of leggingsThe main fabric of these leggings is stretchy and thick — no see-through bits when you bend over! And the Omni-Wick technology pulls moisture away from the skin effectively in moderately warm conditions.

Zippered pocket

Pocket on leggingsThere is a zippered pocket on the left thigh that is just the right size for a phone or keys. (Or a snack, depending on how hungry you are!).


Waistband of leggingsThe mid-rise waist has a wide and comfortable band that sits just below the belly button and holds up well even when wearing a backpack.

Reinforced knees and seat

Reinforced kneesThe knees and seat are reinforced with a tough extra layer of very hard wearing polyester/nylon fabric that stretches with the main fabric of the leggings.

Gusseted crotch

Gusseted crotch of leggingsA single panel of fabric runs from the inside leg of one knee across the crotch to the inside leg of the other knee. Not only does decrease the tension through the fabric preventing splits in the seams, but it also prevents unwanted riding up of the leggings! No likes a wedgie!

Columbia Titan Peak Trekking Legging review

Columbia’s new She Explores collection features some superb technical clothing for us outdoor ladies. One such item is the Titan Peak Trekking Legging, which has also been featuring very heavily in the Cool of the Wild Explores Spring collection!

It’s been very much on the chilly side here in Cornwall, UK, and I’ve been loving the extra thickness of these cosy leggings during windy and rainy coastal trail runs. In more still conditions I’d happily wear these right through winter for running. But from Spring onwards they’re a little too thick for running without getting super sweaty — the Omni-Wick fabric is good, but it’s not that good!

For hiking, however, the Titans are ideal for everything from chilly highland hikes to warm weather wanderings. And although they do wick moisture away fairly effectively during steep ascents, I prefer my legs to be more free during summer conditions and would always opt for either shorts or an airy light hiking pant in hot weather.

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The fit

Everyone has different preferences when it comes to the fit of leggings. I like them to feel fitted but not super tight, but also want them to look tight. A big ask that many leggings fail to deliver. The Titans don’t quite step up to the challenge either for me — they are slightly on the baggy side for leggings. That said, when it comes to outdoor attire, comfort and function always come first over style and aesthetics. So from that point of view Columbia have nailed it with the Titans. They are exceptionally comfortable, and although they are pretty thick for leggings, their shape and stretch make them feel unrestrictive.

The performance

In light rain the Titans take a good half an hour to soak up the moisture before you start to feel wet. They also dry quicker than I expected when wearing them.

The reinforced knees and seat are really excellent additions to what otherwise would be a fairly standard trekking legging. They’re brilliant when camping as you don’t need to worry about where you sit or kneel. And I feel very protected when scrambling around on rocks — no worrying about getting tears or scuffs at the knees.

Woman on rocks in leggings

What I love the most about the Columbia Titan Peak Trekking Legging

I really love how well held-in I feel when wearing the Titans. This may sound like an odd one, but some leggings can make you feel rather exposed, especially if you’re not used to wearing leggings. The reinforced seat helps with this, as does the thick fabric.

I also love how versatile they are. I didn’t expect them to perform well when running, but they’re really great in the right conditions, and ideal for camping and scrambling too.

What I don’t love so much about the Columbia Titan Peak Trekking Legging

The reinforced knees and seat are awesome, I just wish they were black. Their grey colour means that they really stand out and makes me feel like they’re only really suitable for hiking. Granted, this is what they are designed for. But practically they’re great for everyday wear and running too. This is very much a personal style issue for me and I’m sure they don’t look as technical as they feel on.

They are also a touch long in the leg and baggy at the ankle for me. I think the two go hand in hand and if I had longer legs the ankles would be filled out to the bottom. So we’ll put that down to my short legs!


From winter running to hiking in moderate conditions, the Columbia Titan Peak Trekking Legging is a superbly versatile option for women wanting hard-wearing comfort and support out of their outdoor clothing.

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Disclaimer: Cool of the Wild received this product free in return for an honest review. We only recommend gear that we love from companies we trust and we are under no obligation to give a positive review. All thoughts and opinions are that of the reviewer and we are in no way influenced by the brand or company.

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