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Review: Asolo Women’s Greenwood GV ML Hiking Boots

Walking boots on rocks

Technically excellent, high performing 3-season waterproof hiking boots that feel like cushions on your feet.

Stylish, female-specific, technically advanced waterproof hiking boots don’t come around that often. The Asolo Women’s Greenwood GV ML hiking boots also happen be exceptionally comfortable (right out of the box!) AND look rather fabulous. I’ve never had such happy hiking feet! Read on to see why.

Asolo Women’s Greenwood GV ML: The stats

Weight:676g / 24oz
Waterproof:Yes — Gore-Tex lining
Uppers:Water-resistant Perwanger leather
Outsole:Asolo/Vibram Duo Radiant Megagrip

Features of the Asolo Greenwood GV ML


Sole of bootThe Asolo/Vibram Duo Radiant Megagrip with rubber-dual density EVA provides reliable grip on a variety of surfaces. This highly technical sole balances performance with durability to provide confidence on the trails. The deep, aggressive lugs are spread in such a way that they are self-cleaning — shedding collected dirt quickly.


Back of hiking bootThe brushed suede of the uppers is highly durable and naturally water resistant. To keep the weight low, Asolo have used a single piece of leather with reinforcement at the heel. The leather is sourced from a 300 year old tannery in Perwanger, Switzerland., and the boots themselves are manufactured in Romania and Italy.

Toe cap

Toe cap of bootA solid toe-cap is an essential feature of a 3-season hiking boot. The Greenwood’s toe-cap is made from TPU and has a rubber outer layer of extra protection when scrambling and negotiating rocky terrain.


Walking boot lacesDesigned to be adjusted to the perfect fit for your feet, the laces extend right down to the toes. There are sturdy metal eyelets on the lower section of the laces, with metal loops on the upper section for maximal adjustability. To top off this effective lacing system, the tongue is also articulated (attached to the main body of the boot). This prevents water and debris from getting into the boot through the laces.

Ankle cushioning

Boot cushioningThis newly designed ankle cuff has cushioned lycra inserts to improve movement around the ankle joint. It also has a microfiber lining that is super soft and comfortable on the ankle.


InnersoleThe Lite 2 anatomical footbed is fully removable and provides light cushioning through the front of the foot with holes to promote airflow. The heel cup is reinforced to provide extra support through the arch and heel.

Asolo Greenwood GV ML hiking boots review

As you may have gathered, these superbly stylish hiking boots aren’t just all about their looks. They are technically excellent. So much so, in fact, that all the technical jargon in their description can be somewhat off-putting.

So, to ensure that you don’t just opt for these boots for their dashingly good looks, I’ll attempt to translate the tech-speak into something that (hopefully) you can relate to!


Asolo/Vibram Duo Radiant Megagrip with rubber-dual density EVA? Which means what, exactly?!

To put it simply, it means that the outsoles provide very, very good grip on a variety of terrain — especially in wet, slippery conditions. To touch, the lugs of the boots feel kind of soft — like the ‘sticky’ sort of rubber you might find on the soles of trail running shoes. Durability alarm bells may be ringing for you right now? You certainly don’t want to be opting for a boot whose sole will wear out after one year. No, indeed.

The magic of Vibram’s Megagrip technology has this issue covered. It uses a unique rubber compound that manages to provide exceptional grip without compromising on durability. This is then backed up with two layers or EVA (ethylene-vinyl acetate) through the midsole: the harder layer provides stability and structure to the foot whilst the softer layer provides cushioning and shock absorption.

And do these fancy soles do what they claim to? In short, yes! I can’t comment on their durability yet. I’ll update this next year. But the grip and support they provide through the sole certainly stands up to my expectations, and beyond. I can fly down loose, gravel trails without even thinking about slipping. And I feel equally confident lugging myself up steep, slippery mud sections as well as up, over and down wet rocks. For me, they really stand out on dry, rocky terrain where I feel like I’m sticking to the rocks in a similar way that approach shoes do. Obviously they are much stiffer through the sole than approach shoes, making them a superb boot for scrambling in all conditions.

Asolo hiking boots

Comfort and fit

I’m wearing a UK size 5 (US 6.5). In some brands I take a UK 4.5 (US 6) and I should have gone for the latter with the Greenwoods as they are a touch too long for my feet. That said, I have been amazed at how little my feet move inside the boots, despite the fact that they are a little too big. My feet feel hugged by these boots, from every direction! This is partly down to the fact that they are designed specifically for female feet, which is certainly evident in how instantly supportive and comfortable they feel. But also down to the lacing.

The lacing is so good that I can really lock my heel down preventing any movement through the heel at all. And because of this secure fit from the laces, my toes don’t go anywhere near the front of the boot on steep downhills.

Yes, I really have to tie the laces up tight to ensure a snug fit and to keep my heels down. This can sometimes mean there is extra pressure through the tops of the feet. However, the laces somehow manage to transfer the pressure to where it’s needed. Or maybe that’s my pro lacing techniques?!

The ankle cushioning is also super plush providing just the right balance of support, movement and cosiness.

Tying up hiking boots


The combination of a Gore-tex membrane and the highly water resistant leather uppers make these boots almost totally impenetrable to the wet stuff. And my experience in them has so far proved this to be accurate. An accidental wrong step into very deep mud resulted in full submersion into the next nearest stream to clean them off. My socks were totally dry when I finally took them off at the end of the day. This is to be expected for such a high-spec boot. But the fact that nothing (water nor mud) came in through the laces is a real bonus. The articulated tongue is designed in such a way that the Gore-tex lining extends its waterproof breathability right around the lining of the tongue, too.

Muddy boots

What I love the most about the Asolo Greenwood hiking boots

These boots are a true thing of beauty, and I love wearing them for that. However, what really draws me in is how comfortable they are. Yes, they really do provide ‘out of box’ comfort that so many modern hiking boots claim.

I also love how well protected my feet and ankles feel in them.

What I don’t love so much about the Asolo Greenwood hiking boots

Performance-wise I’m struggling to find anything that I don’t like about these boots. However, I have a couple of minor design gripes.

Firstly, the lace loops on the upper section of the ankle could be a bit deeper. They’re fine if you only want to loop your lace around them once. But they’re just a little on the shallow side to deal with a second lace looped through them.

Also, I’m a little dubious about the longevity of the fabric that joins the tongue to the main body of the boot. Its finish is rough and feels kind of vulnerable to the stresses of repeatedly putting on and taking off the boots. Only time will tell and I will be sure to update this.

Hiking in boots


The Asolo Womens Greenwood GV ML are the kind of hiking boots that you’ll want to be seen in. Their classic yet on the beat style is hard to resist. But once you’ve tried them on you’ll forget all about their good looks and be totally sold by how instantly comfortable they are. Add to that the fact that they are fully waterproof with insanely good grip, whilst also providing a shed of load of protection and support, and you’ll be wondering why you would consider anything else.

They’re the ideal boot for female feet wanting to take on tough terrain in all but the most extreme weather conditions.

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