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Review: Armadillo Merino Artemis Women’s Long Sleeve Crew Neck

Armadillo Merino top

An exceptionally comfortable and well designed merino base layer

A good base layer should be comfortable, warm and moisture wicking. But this little beauty is all those things and so much more. The Armadillo Merino Artemis Women’s Long Sleeve Crew Neck is a draft excluder, takes weeks to get smelly, fits like a glove, is mega warm, has double layered long cuffs to keep our lady hands toastie, and is super soft. It also happens to look great! The perfect base layer for adventure women who have no time for unnecessary costume changes between activities.

Armadillo Merino Artemis Top: The stats

Garment type:Base layer
Fabric:100% merino
Sizes:XS-XL (I wear an XS)
Garment weight:206g (7.26oz) (Size M)
Merino fibres18.5 micron (µm)

Design features of the Armadillo Merino Artemis Top


Merino fabricThe 100% merino fabric of the Artemis is soft and itch free. It’s made from 18.5 micron (µm) merino, which measures the diameter of each fibre. 18.5 µm puts these merino fibres at the high end of superfine. To put that in perspective, ultra fine fibres are as tiny as 11.5 µm, with the stronger fibres being as broad as 24.5 µm. The finer the fibres, the softer the merino is to touch, but the fabric can also become less durable.

High neck

Neck line of topThe neck is round and high, but not restricting in any way and certainly not difficult to get on and off. And combined with the flatlock stitching that minimises rubbing, the closeness of the neck line is a really pleasing design feature that I wish more base layers adopted. That extra few centimeters of material round the neck make a huge difference to the effectiveness of the top, and act as a brilliant draft excluder!

Long back

Long back of topThe cut of the Artemis is form-fitting, but certainly not tight, further adding to the comfort. But the best bit about the cut is the extra length at the back. This is really great for either tucking into walking trousers or waterproof pants, or having over the top of thermal leggings or jeans. Whichever way I wear it, the draft is well and truly locked out from creeping up my midriff (which I just can’t bear – at any time of the year!).

Double layered cuffs

Long cuffsAnother superb feature of the Artemis are the sleeves. Not only are they extra long (again to prevent unwanted drafts), but they are also double layered from just below the elbow right down to the edge of the cuff. Such a nice touch and invaluable when the colder weather starts to set in. This design helps to prevent heat from being lost through the wrists (lots of blood flows close to the surface here and the wrists are often left exposed). Warm hands here we come!


Armadillo labelThe Artemis is all about comfort, and having ensured that there is minimal irritation from any stitching, Armadillo Merino have also placed their labels on the outside of the garment. No more irritating tags! There is a small silk label at the base of the neck with a logo on, another one on the back right of the Artemis with washing details on. And that’s it.

Armadillo Merino Artemis Top review

When I first got into the Artemis I loved it immediately. I loved the fit, the feel and the warmth. I was also really surprised at how nice it looked on. Or at least how nice I felt in it, which, let’s face it, counts for a whole lot more! And because I felt so nice in it, once I put it it on I really struggled to take it off. I’d do a hike, or go running round on the beach in it, and then not bother changing out of it… it just failed to get smelly! So I tested it to see how many days in a row I could wear it until it started to smell.

It lasted me three whole weeks! Some days it only accompanied me to my desk and back. Others it was on and off all day in between physical activities. It did a night or two out camping and hiking where it wasn’t taken off the whole time. And some days it even came to the pub with me in the evening! Finally, I had to put it in the wash, and I’ll be honest, it was probably a day or two overdue!

But, it wasn’t awful. And on the days when it nearly made it into the laundry basket I just left it to air overnight and it was totally wearable again the next day.

When I did finally wash it, I just put it on a 30ºC wash with the rest of my clothes and it came out as good as new. Now it gets to go in the wash after around a week’s worth of wear – lucky thing!

Armadillo Artemis top

What I love the most about the Armadillo Merino Artemis Top

I really love how cosy it is. I’m not highly sensitive to wool but have found some merino tops too itchy to be comfortable. Not this one – it is totally itch free. But the cosiness of the Artemis comes down to much more than just the soft merino fibres that it is made from. It is the combination of all the features that make it my go-to post-surf warmer, my all-day hiking base layer, my running top and my cool weather cycling base layer. The moisture wicking fabric, the fitted design, the cuffs, neck and back, and yes, how nice it feels on all make this my absolute favourite top. And one that I wear more than any other top I own, regardless of the activity!

What I don’t love so much about the Armadillo Merino Artemis Top

Unfortunately it’s only available in navy and black. The navy goes with everything and it’s one of my favourite colours, but I would definitely get another one if there were some more colour options.


If you’re looking for a merino top that is as functional as it is comfortable, then luckily for you, the Armadillo Merino Artemis Women’s Long Sleeve Crew Neck exists! It is mega comfortable, exceptional at keeping the draft out and the warmth in, takes a very long time to get smelly, and looks great too!

My absolute favourite top – whatever I end up doing in it!

The new version also has thumb loops in  which is a really nice touch to keep the long sleeves in place.

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