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Patagonia Hybrid Sleeping Bag

Patagonia Hybrid Sleeping Bag

On initial investigation into Patagonia’s first foray into the world of sleeping bags, it would be easy to dismiss the Hybrid as far too specialist for the majority of the population; useful only to alpinism’s hardy elite. After all, that’s exactly who it’s designed for and there are loads of reasons why it totally rocks as the go-to choice for multi-day alpine expeditions.

Although hot off the press and exciting news for Patagonia, it’s not the first ‘elephant foot’ style sleeping bag to enter the outdoor market. There are a bunch of sleeping bag companies already making them including bags by Brooks RangeZPacks, and PHD, to name but a few. But none of them quite deliver what Patagonia has achieved with the new Hybrid.

So what’s so great about Patagonia Hybrid sleeping bag?

The cheery man in the Patagonia video puts it so concisely that there is little else to add. But for those who like to see the cold hard facts, here’s how it compares with other sleeping bags of the same style:

Sleeping bagWeightTemp ratingDown fill powerCost
Patagonia Hybrid490g15ºF/-9ºC850$299
Brooks Range Elephant Foot566g15ºF/-9ºC850+$499
PHD Alpine Ultra Half Bag250g23ºF/-5ºC950$226
Western Mountaineering Tamarak540g30ºF/-2ºC850$270
ZPacks Solo Down561g20F/-7ºC900$435

What the table of facts doesn’t cover, is the unique design of the top half of the Hybrid that simply doesn’t feature on any of the other bag designs. The DWR coated nylon serves to keep in the heat that your body has created inside your parka, and also acts as an extra protective layer should you encounter wet and windy conditions.

Another highly appealing factor is the fact that it is filled with goose down from geese that aren’t force-fed or live-plucked.

Patagonia Hybrid Sleeping Bag

More than just an alpine climbing sleeping bag

Despite it being totally perfect for what it’s designed for, the Patagonia Hybrid is also an excellent choice of sleeping bag for the more pedestrian adventurers out there. How so? Well show me an outdoor enthusiast who doesn’t wear an insulated jacket at any given opportunity? If you spend much of your life outdoors and don’t have one, then all credit to you. But it might be time to embrace the cosy world of insulated on the go warmth!

And for that very reason, suddenly the Hybrid is not such a specialist sleeping bag after all, but a super versatile 3-4 season bag that is suitable for loads of different camping scenarios. Aside from it being really appealing for lightweight backpackers, the ever growing world of bikepacking will also find a very cosy place for it stuffed into a tiny saddle pack.

Patagonia hybrid in a bag

If you’re packing a down parka anyway, then the weight saving properties of this super warm sleeping system are a no-brainer, and at a very competitive price too.

Where it falls short as a viable option for everyone, is having that all essential down parka. If you’re having to invest in a jacket too, then things will get much more pricey than a decent four season sleeping bag complete with upper half and hood. But potentially less versatile.

For minimalist alpine climbers, the Patagonia Hybrid sleeping bag offers much more that anything else on the market right now. And with the right jacket and layering combinations, there’s no reason why it shouldn’t feature in a load of other camping scenarios too.

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