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Of Fells and Hills: Trail Running Extremes

Trail runners in Fells and Hills

Northern England and Scotland is the true trail runners’ dream. If you’re from around those parts then you might be more familiar with it being referred to as fell running. For those unfamiliar with the wild and rugged beauty of the area and the draw of exploring it on foot, this short film might help fill in a few blanks on what it has to offer and what it’s all about.

Of Fells and Hills is one of many short films in Salomon’s 4th series of trail running clips. It touches upon the history of the ancient practice and delves feet first into the modest lives and motivations of local legends, exploring their significance in the world of northern fell running.

Champion mountain runner Rickey Gates, takes his running exploration to the slopes of the Lake District. Labelled as “one of the fittest real men in America” by Outside Online, Rickey finds himself humbled by some of the scene’s heroes of yesteryear. The likes of Joss Naylor, Kenny Stuart and Billy Bland, whose fell running records still remain unbeaten to this day, reminisce on the glory days and their deep connection with the mountains.

But if the idea of conquering steep peaks in a few hours with nothing more than your running shoes doesn’t make you want to leap on the next flight over there, then the scenery alone might just be enough. Salomon have perfectly captured the mystic majesty and drama of the hills, seducing the viewer with the true colours of each rain shower, cloud and sun beam. Raw and beautiful and simple. Much like this pursuit that claims the heights as its own.

It’s hard not to get fired up for some springtime challenges by this subtle and sweet reminder of why we do what we do. And if you too find yourself longing for the solitude of the wilds, then the rest of the Salomon trail running series will have you chomping at the bit for your next gallop up to the freedom of the fells.

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