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Oboz Campster Sandals: The Most Versatile Adventure Sandals Ever?


I used to think Crocs were the most useful summer shoe around. Sure, they make you look like Mickey Mouse, and there is nothing stylish about them at all, but boy are they practical.

I’m a big fan of letting my feet breath during the summer months. Wearing sandals for hiking and outdoor fun is certainly not a new habit of mine. But many hiking sandals have their limitations / drawbacks that mean they’re not as versatile as a true camping shoe should be. Excellent for hiking and walking in, but not quite as user-friendly, convenient and adaptable as I’d prefer.

Then I encountered the new Oboz Campsters. For long distance hiking on challenging terrain they don’t make the cut from a support and comfort point of view. But they are more than sufficient at providing comfort on short day hikes on moderate terrain. Not to mention their compatibility with a whole host of other activities in which one might indulge in during the sunnier months of the year. And as such, the Oboz Campsters are my new faves, and the ultimate summer adventure shoe.

Weight:380g / 13.4oz (per pair women’s US 7)
Outsole:Rubber and EVA
Upper:Polyester webbing

8 ways to wear the Oboz Campsters

Yep, I’m totally loving wearing these summer adventure sandals and am starting to question how I ever lived without them before! Here’s why I’ve barely taken off my Oboz Campsters since I got them:

01Car camping and van life

Sandals next to tentIt can be very tempting to over-pack when you have the luxury of a car or van to fill full of camping stuff. But if you’re like me and end up packing climbing, biking, running and surfing stuff for one weekend away, then there’s no room for frivolous shoe packing. One shoe for around camp, sightseeing and day hikes is all there’s room for: the Campsters! Easily slip them on and off for tent / van cleanliness. Put the heel straps down for hikes, camp games and exploring. And wear them as you please for sightseeing and strolling.

02Rock climbing days

Changing climbing shoesAs well as camp life, the Campsters are a dream for summer days at the crag. In Performance Mode (heel straps down), the sandals are supportive and robust enough for short approaches on moderate terrain. Once you’re at the crag, convert to Clog Mode (heel straps up) and step into the ultimate belay shoes! I also love to slip them on each time I rest when I’m bouldering. They feel like the most comfortable shoes in the world after my tight climbing shoes.


Hiking with shoes on backpackThere is nothing more relieving than taking heavy boots off at the end of a long day on the trail. But unless you’re straight into your tent when you arrive at camp, there’s still a good few hours where shoes are needed. The Campsters are in their element in this situation. Lightweight enough to carry on the outside of your pack (at the ready for river crossings), and comfortable enough for weary feet to wear. They’re ideal for setting up camp in and post-dinner strolls, and airy enough to let your feet breathe and recover. Plus, if you’re struggling hiking in your boots and have a day of easy hiking ahead, slip on the Campsters instead and you give your feet a recovery day with plenty of support from the heel straps.

04River crossings

Sandals by the riverIf you’re planning on hiking routes where the terrain takes you through streams and rivers the Campsters are ideal. Because of their low weight, it’s no drama to clip them onto the outside of your pack if you’d rather not wear them for the whole hike. Plus, the two-piece protective rubber toe cap keeps your feet safe when you can’t see the rocks beneath the surface.


Woman sitting in boatI love wearing the Campsters when I’m out canoeing. They dry relatively quickly, and the Salida outsoles provides excellent traction when hopping in and out of the boat onto wet rocks. I also very much like how protected my toes are when I’m in the water. I’ve had gashed big toes in the past from kicking underwater rocks when dragging my boat through shallow rapids — not fun. But the toe caps on the Campsters take full care of my toes, both in and out of the water.

06Everyday wear / traveling

Sandals and jeansI love to wear hiking sandals when I’m traveling during the summer months. You don’t need to worry about packing socks,and the stink factor is minimised hugely. Although the Campsters don’t quite cut it on the style-front, compared with some hiking sandals like Chacos, they certainly make up for it when it comes to comfort. They have a super comfortable sculpted arch which gives just enough support to keep my feet in a neutral foot position.


Hiking in sandalsThough I wouldn’t wear the Campsters on any sort of demanding terrain, they are perfectly capable of dealing with short day hikes on easy trails. Their big bumper makes me feel like I’m wearing proper shoes, and the deep heel cup provides plenty of support and natural cushioning for my feet.


Woman holding sandalsAnd finally, beach life. I live at the beach, spending much of my time with no shoes on at all. However, there are certain routes to the beach where bare feet or flip-flops just aren’t adequate. Clambering over slippery rocks and down steep cliff paths are a breeze in the Campsters with their mega-grippy soles. And once there, I can ford the rocky streams, go rock-pooling and then skip back onto the concrete paths without even taking my shoes off! Plus, they’re easy as pie to carry when I’m walking barefoot on the sand.

Multi-functional outdoor shoes…

Thanks Campsters! Deciding which shoes to wear for summer adventuring has never been so easy. I blooming love multi-functional clothing and gear. It takes me a step closer to streamlining my packing list and needing less stuff in my life.

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