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11 Multi Room Tents For Stress-Free Family Camping

Large multi room tent overlooking lake

Multi room tents really are the pinnacle of camping luxury. For hardened campers it’s easy to scoff at the vastness and sheer volume of these veritable palaces – whatever happened to roughing it in the wild? Sure, some of them are bigger and more luxurious than an inner city one bedroom flat, but don’t diss them until you’ve stayed in one. Especially as a family. If getting a large tent encourages your kids to get outside and get adventuring, then investing in a multi room tent will be worth its weight in gold. And yes, they can be pretty heavy and somewhat pricey, if you go for a good one. But an investment you won’t regret.

Family camping tent gear guide

Summary of the 10 best multi room tents

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ProductSleepsRoomsMax heightCost
Big Agnes Flying Diamond 88372in / 210cm$$$
CORE Instant Cabin Tent12380in / 203cm$$$
OZARK Trail Family Cabin Tent10378in / 198cm$
Kodiak Canvas Grand Cabin with Awning123 + porch90in / 229cm$$$$
Ozark Trail Base Camp Cabin Tent14478in / 198cm$$
Wildcat Outdoor Gear Bobcat 500 Premium Family Camping Tent84 + porch90in / 229cm$$$$$
Jack Wolfskin Travel Lodge FR Tent74 + porch80in / 205cm$$$$
Outwell Yosemite Lake 6TCt6+582in / 210cm$$$
Outdoor Revolution Kalahari PC 7.0 Air Tent11685in / 215cm$$$$$
Pod Tent Maxi Elite8+5+86in / 218cm$$$$$+

3 room tents

Big Agnes Flying Diamond 8 Tent (sleeps 8)

Big Agnes Flying Diamond 8

Sleeps: 8 people
Max height: 72in / 210cm

If you’re looking for a multi room tent to use in all seasons, this three-room tent is a smart choice. The tent is sturdy enough to withstand winter winds while the ripstop polyester fly and built-in groundsheet are treated with a 1,500 mm waterproof PU coating. It’s also built with PVC and VOC free taped seams. On summer camping trips you can remove the fly and enjoy a breezy wilderness sleep thanks to the freestanding inner tent which can be pitched independently. A zippered door on either side, along with mesh windows, allow for better ventilation. Each door has two closure options, a mesh zippered door for ventilation or an opaque zippered door for warmth and weather protection.

Inside, the tent is separated into two sleeping rooms, with a removable door, and a small porch which can be staked for extra shade. It’s not as spacious as the Ozark Trail or the CORE three room tents, but the two largest rooms can still accommodate a low table with chairs. The Big Agnes Flying Diamond 8 provides sleeping space for 8 people. This tent’s biggest drawback is the lack of storage space. With camping gear, you’d sleep a maximum of 6 people inside.

Aside from the lack of storage, this one of the best multi room tents for 3+ seasons. It features a colour-coded easy pitch system with plastic snap clips and press-fit connectors. Plus, weighing just under 19 lbs, it’s a lot lighter than its competitors. It does come with a fairly high price tag but if you’re ready to invest, the Big Agnes Flying Diamond 8 is a high-quality tent for group camping in varied conditions.


  • Performs well in all seasons
  • Easy to pitch
  • Lightweight
  • Quality materials


  • Little storage space
  • A tight fit for eight people (even without gear)

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EMS | Amazon

CORE 12 Person Instant Cabin Tent

CORE 12 Person Instant Cabin Tent

With a claimed set up time of only 2 minutes, this 3 room cabin tent is a highly appealing option for families with young kids who need constant supervision. Or indeed those who just hate spending time getting their campsite set up! The pre-assembled frame simply clicks into place making it one giant pop-up tent! (Well almost). It takes a bit of practice to put it up that fast, but it is by far the easiest to set up of this selection of tents, especially for one person.

At 18 x 10 ft, it can sleep 12 people at a squeeze, but to really take advantage of the spacious 3 rooms created by the dividers, it is best suited to 4 or 6 people. Each room can accommodate a queen sized air bed, or keep the middle section bed free and use it as communal space for meals or chilling over a cool beer.

The CORE Instant Cabin Tent has 2 double doors on the front and back of the tent, which together with the large mesh windows (that can be zipped closed if needed), provide plenty of ventilation in hot weather. There is also adjustable ground vents and a mesh ceiling that help to keep air circulating well.

Like the Orzark tents, the CORE is only water resistant and not waterproof making it a risky option if you are expecting lots of bad weather. But the fully taped rain fly and sealed seams will stand up to the odd storm here and there providing it is put up well.


  • Super fast and easy set up
  • Good ventilation
  • Large (18′ x 10’)
  • Tall (80”)


  • Heavy – 54lb (24.5kg)
  • Not waterproof
  • Doesn’t pack down small
  • Not particularly durable

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Ozark trail multi room tent

Ozark Trail 3 room tent

The Ozark Trail 3 room tent is a cheaper, slightly smaller, and more complex version of the CORE. It is another 3 room cabin tent that is split by 2 internal and removable dividers, and has a large door in the centre section for access to the main area of the tent. What’s nice about this design compared with the CORE are the 2 side entrances that provide a little more privacy to the separate ‘rooms’, and make getting out in the night much less of a disturbance for those sleeping in other sections of the tent.

Like the CORE, it can take 3 queen sized air mattresses but is a little less generous on the space front and only sleeps 10 people when air beds are taken out of the equation. The taped seams of the water resistant fly stand up to the same sort of conditions as the CORE. And you’d better hope the rain holds off whilst you spend 20 minutes over putting it up. It can be done with one person, but it’s much faster with a partner in crime.

The quality is somewhat questionable for extended use, but for the odd camping trip here and there it will do just fine and is a really excellent, well designed option for those on a tight budget.


  • Cheap
  • 2 side doors
  • lots of pockets
  • Relatively light – 31.4lb (14.2kg)


  • Questionable quality
  • Not waterproof
  • 4 room tents

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Family camping tent gear guide

3 room tents + porch

Kodiak Canvas Grand Cabin with Awning (sleeps 12)

Kodiak Canvas Grand Cabin with Awning

Sleeps: 12 people
Max height: 90in / 229cm

With its steep walls and generous height, the Kodak Canvas Grand Cabin is an extremely spacious 3 room tent. You can easily walk around inside without bending and the main room offers plenty of space for a table and chairs. Unlike many other multi room tents, the bedroom of the Kodiak Canvas Grand Cabin also provides plenty of headroom.

The Kodiak Canvas Grand Cabin with Awning has a classic multi room tent layout. The large central room functions as a communal space with a bedroom on either side. The bedrooms are separated from the main space by canvas walls with zippered doors. The main room has a YKK zippered door on either side. Each bedroom also has an outside door so you won’t disturb your fellow campers when you sneak out for sunrise.

A 12 x 8 ft awning with a sturdy steel frame provides a shaded outdoor space. Walls for the awning (not included) can be attached to turn this into a deluxe 4 room tent. Plus, for additional airflow on hot summer days, campers can open all four external doors and the two internal doors. The tent is also fitted with 8 large bug-mesh windows.

Everything about this tent is heavy duty and you can be sure that it will see you through many years of camping. The main material is a sturdy hydra-shield cotton duck canvas that is both breathable and watertight. Meanwhile, the reinforced steel frame can stand up to strong winds. Although it’s not suitable for snow camping, the Kodiak Canvas Grand Cabin is designed for use in all seasons.


  • Generous head height in all rooms
  • Suitable for all seasons
  • Multiple doors
  • Additional outside shade


  • Very heavy

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Kodiak Canvas

Family camping tent gear guide

4 room tents

Ozark Trail Base Camp 14-Person Cabin Tent

Ozark Trail Base Camp 14-Person Cabin Tent

At 20 x 20 ft, the Ozark Trail Base Camp is one spacious 4 room tent. With the capacity to comfortably house 5 queen sized air mattresses, you may be tempted to move into this small house on a more permanent basis. Like the Ozark Trail 3 room tent it features separate entrances on each ‘wing’ of the tent making this a great option for those camping with teenagers or for groups of adults who prefer a bit more privacy than young families.

The 3 sewn-in dividers can be tied back to customise your room set up, and the 12 windows with zippered covers provide a ton of ventilation – totally essential when the 14 person capacity is maxed out. It takes a couple of people around 20 minutes to put up, and set up is not as complicated as one might think!

Like to 3 room Ozark tent, the Base Camp won’t win any prizes for quality and durability, but if you’re in the market for a second home without having to get out a second mortgage, then this is the tent for you.


  • Huge
  • 4 entrances
  • Good value
  • Lots of sleeping set up options


  • Not waterproof
  • Heavy – 47lbs (21.6kg)
  • Doesn’t pack down small
  • Questionable quality

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Family camping tent gear guide

4 room tents + porch

Wildcat Lynx Tent (sleeps 8)

Wildcat Outdoor Gear Bobcat 500 Premium Family Camping Tent

Sleeps: 4-8 people
Max height: 90in / 229cm

The Bobcat 500 from Wildcat Outdoor Gear features two bedrooms. One is large enough for a queen-size air bed and the other large enough for a double air bed. The divider wall can be rolled up to make one big bedroom. Alternatively, you can remove the inners from the main shell for an open plan inside space. Door to door it’s possible to fit 8 full-sized camping cots side by side.

The tent also features a huge living room, covered porch, and a side room that’s useful for storing your kit. This side room zips onto the main shell and can be attached to either side of the tent or removed completely if you don’t need extra space. The bedroom area is made from a breathable cotton/polyester blend.

Internally, there’s a load of head room with both the living room and bedrooms being tall enough for you to stand up. And there’s plenty of space for tables, chairs, and toys, too. Though the porch area is covered, it doesn’t have a groundsheet, so you can kick your shoes off before coming inside. Plus, the porch is wide enough for you to store a couple of bicycles overnight (although this would partially block the front entrance) and other sports equipment. The tent also has a handful of features to help you keep your gear organised, such as the zippered entry port for electric cables and large wall pockets for storing small items.

One of the tent’s key features is the Air Truss technology which replaces metal poles with inflatable air tubes. This allows the tent to be set up, using the included air pump, and deflated in less than 5 minutes. In case of punctures, the tent comes with a repair kit.


  • Huge communal space
  • Quick set up
  • The outer material is waterproof and UV resistant
  • Removable pack room
  • Waterproof and withstands strong winds


  • High price tag
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Wildcat Outdoor Gear

Jack Wolfskin Travel Lodge FR Tent (sleeps 7)

Jack Wolfskin Travel Lodge FR Tent

Sleeps: 5-7 people
Max height: 80in / 205cm

A tunnel-style tent with outside shade and plenty of inside space, the Travel Lodge FR Tent from Jack Wolfskin offers a variety of sleeping options. Detachable inner tents allow you to adapt the space depending on how many are camping and the amount of kit you’re taking. This vast tent comes with two removable inner tents, one of which can be divided into two sleeping spaces, and a central space that is tall enough to stand inside. It can, therefore, have a maximum of four rooms. This adaptable design means that you can take advantage of the space when using this tent with fewer people.

Another thing we like about this 4-room tent is the waterproofing. Its PU coating gives it a waterproof rating of 4,000 mm. This is coupled with a 210D hydro-film polyester footprint that has a 10,000 mm waterproof rating. The shell itself is made from 75D polyester which is UV resistant, lightweight and durable. Three zippered doors with bug mesh, closable vents, and PVC windows offer both weather protection and ventilation. Additionally, one of the doors can be staked with aluminium poles (included) for a shaded outdoor space.

Overall, the Jack Wolfskin Travel Lodge FR is a versatile 4 room tent which is suitable for use in 3 to 4 seasons.


  • Versatile inside space
  • High waterproof rating
  • UV resistant fabric
  • Takes about 20 minutes to pitch


  • The shell footprint is not built-in – may feel a draft in cooler seasons

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Amazon | Jack Wolfskin

5 room tents

Outwell Collingwood 6 Person Tent

Outwell Yosemite Lake 6TC

Sleeps: 6 people
Max height: 82in / 210cm

If you’re taking the entire family camping the Outwell Yosemite Lake 6TC is one of the best ventilated 5 room tents on the market. The tent is divided into three sections: the back section features a removable sleeping inner with three separate rooms. Each bedroom is large enough for two people and each has a zippered door connecting it to the middle section of the tent. We also like that the inner is made from dark-coloured fabric which reduces light for a better night’s sleep.

Comparatively, the middle section, with a built-in groundsheet, and the large covered porch area are bright and well ventilated with plenty of headroom. Like the Lynx 640, the Outwell Collingwood 6 Person Tent provides space for bike storage or larger gear. Alternatively, you can attach a groundsheet for extra communal space or sleeping area.


  • High waterproof rating (4,000 mm)
  • Excellent ventilation
  • Two large entrances
  • Has a weatherproof pocket for electric cables
  • Reasonable price


  • Bedrooms are a little cosy

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6 room tents

Outdoor Revolution Kalahari PC 7.0 Air Tent (sleeps 11)

Outdoor Revolution Kalahari PC 7.0 Air Tent

Sleeps: 7 to 11 people
Max height: 85in / 215cm

For campers who like to bring the entire family (and the kitchen sink!), this seven-berth tent is an extremely spacious option. The Kalahari PC 7.0 provides a vast living room with a small side canopy. This is separated from a front room/covered porch by a wide door which can be closed fully or closed with flysheet mesh for more airflow. Both communal sections are large enough to fit a table, chairs, and cooker. Plus, there’s a sewn-in groundsheet throughout the tent. Tinted windows and roll-away curtains in the communal areas allow for plenty of natural light as well as privacy and UV protection. No more nosy campsite neighbours!

The removable seven berths inner tent is made from dark-coloured breathable polyester. Zippered walls divide this sleeping section into three bedrooms, two doubles and a triple, all of which can fit inflatable beds. The inner tent is also fitted with large mesh pockets for footwear, books, and other personal items. A built-in side porch with groundsheet can function as a fourth bedroom (two births), a gear storage space, or playroom. The tent is also fitted with attachment points for an extra bedroom (not included). With the inner tent, side porch, and extra bedroom attachment, the Outdoor Revolution Kalahari PC 7.0 Air Tent can sleep 11 people.

The outer shell is made from a high-quality cotton-polyester canvas which is UV resistant, water-resistant, and breathable. Its inflatable airframe makes it quick to pitch and, once pegged down, it’s very stable. Although this is one of the most expensive multi room tents on our list, it’s a tent that’s built to last. If you’re ready to invest, the Revolution Kalahari PC 7.0 Air Tent is one of the best multi room tents for family camping trips.


  • Quick to pitch – features an inflatable air-tube design
  • Versatile layout with many roll-away walls and doors
  • Allows plenty of natural light
  • Comes with a lifetime guarantee


  • Expensive

Find the latest price at:
Leisure Outlet

6+ room tents

Maxi Elite Pod Tent

Pod Tent Maxi Elite

If you’re looking for something a little more reliable that will last you many happy years of camping, the POD tent is definitely worth considering. It may come with a pretty hefty price tag, but this is one of the most versatile and well thought through multi room tent set ups you are likely to encounter. It also happens to be exceptionally well made, and with a hydrostatic head (HH) rating of 5480mm, is designed to withstand even the toughest of storms and wet conditions. The PU coated ripstop nylon rain fly, and PVC windows further add to its worth, as do the sturdy aluminium poles.

As it is, the Maxi Elite Pod tent can be spilt into 4 sections, each sleeping 2 people. But what really sets this sturdy tent apart from the rest of the multi room tent crowd, is its ability to grow as your family grows. Once you’ve made your initial investment in the main tent, you can just start extending the set up with mini versions of the main dome linked by Cross Over Tunnels. Genius!

Yes, it’s a big investment, but one you can build on over time depending on your camping needs.


  • High quality
  • Durable
  • Waterproof
  • Very weather proof
  • Highly versatile
  • Spacious


  • Expensive
  • Heavy – 52.9lb (24kg)
  • Tricky set up

Find the latest price at:
Pod Tents

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So why are multi room tents so great for large groups?

Imagine your house without a separate room to sleep in. Yeah, no bedroom. Then think about all your daily (and nightly) routines and habits… And there’s your answer! Take away your tent ‘rooms’, add in more humans than you would ever consider accommodating in a one bed flat, throw in a dose of bad weather, stir up a few temper tantrums, and right there you have the makings of a vacation from hell. By splitting your internal tent space into rooms, things immediately become easier.

The benefits of multi room tents

In case you need it spelling out, here’s why everything becomes easier when you’ve got multiple rooms to your tent:

  • People can go to bed at different times
  • You can organise your gear more easily
  • You’re able to set up a proper camp kitchen
  • You can store all your gear in one room if you like
  • Separate rooms allow you to have some privacy whilst changing etc
  • You don’t have to clamber over several bodies in the dark to get out for a bathroom stop
  • You can take an afternoon snooze whilst lunch is being made in another ‘room’
  •  If your tent leaks in one area, you’re more likely to have another dry area to seek refuge in

The cons of multi room tents

There are a number of reasons why the below multi room tents didn’t make it onto the ‘best of’ list for family camping tents.

Here’s why:

  • Multi room tents are big to ensure that the separate spaces are still useable. The bigger the tent, the more unstable it becomes in high winds.
  • Good quality multi room tents can be really, really expensive.
  • On the flip side, some tents are made cheaply to meet the market needs, making them less durable than smaller, better made tents.
  • Because some of them are cheaply made, they are often only water resistant and not waterproof.
  • They are heavy.
  • They can be complex and time consuming to put up.

From a liveability point of view, however, having multiple rooms in your large tent is just all round better than a single living space. So if you are willing to cough up the cash and invest in a high quality tent that will last you many years of group camping, then the POD tents are an excellent choice. But if you’re only looking for something that you’ll use for a couple of days each year, then the Orzark Trail 3 room tent is probably your best option.

What to look for in a great multi room tent

If you’re in the market for a large tent or something suitable for your family, then you may also want to check out our guide to the best family tents.

There’s a load of advice there on what to look for in a good large tent for your family, including:

  • How big your tent needs to be
  • How much space you need
  • The importance of versatile design
  • Durability
  • How weatherproof the tent is
  • Ease of set up
  • The type of floor
  • Weight of the tent

Bar the REI Kingdom and the Big Agnes Flying Diamond, most of the options in the best family tent category have only one or two liveable spaces. But where they lack in versatility, on the whole, they make up for in quality and durability and can often be a better choice for the long term.

So whether you’re after a little extra space away from your co-campers or you just like being more organised when camping, adding in a few extra ‘rooms’ can make the world of difference to your comfort and enjoyment levels.

Happy camping, happy campers!

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