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More Sustainable Outdoor Products 2023 / 2024

Woman cycling

2023 saw the launch of our More Sustainable Outdoor Brands Directory. We’re super excited to be showcasing brands that are doing more to lessen their impact on the planet by creating products that are made in a more sustainable way. And we’ve had the pleasure of trying out some of these products this year.

But sustainability isn’t a cut and dry thing. You can read more about what we think about it in our directory guide. Every single outdoor brand that’s in existence could (and should) be doing more. However, we’re firm believers in celebrating the small wins in life. And the more we can focus on the good that brands are doing, the more leverage they will have in the future to make even more positive changes.

The most sustainable products are the ones we already own

With that in mind, it’s important to remember that the below selection of “more” sustainable outdoor products are still impacting our planet negatively. Sure, they are better than many other options out there. But unless you really need to buy something new, we strongly encourage you to either use what you have already, repair your existing gear, if needed, or buy used gear.

Once you’ve exhausted those options and are ready to invest in something new, get yourself educated before you leap into buying what people like us recommend! There’s lots of good / better stuff out there and this is just a small selection and a great place to start.

You can also search our directory if you’re looking for more info on brands and products:

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Our fave outdoor products made in a more sustainable way

  • Woman hiking with Camelbak Adventure Travel Pack
  • Backpack front opening
  • Backpack straps and back panel

Camelbak Adventure Travel Pack

Camelbak backpackFabrics and production:
  • Pack body and bottom are made with 100% Post Industrial Recycled 210d CORDURA re/cor™ Nylon 66 which creates half the greenhouse gas emissions produced in traditional manufacturing processes.
  • Pack liner is made with 100% Post Industrial Recycled 210d CORDURA re/cor™ Nylon 6
  • Foam padding throughout is 50% recycled EVA
  • Soft pocket liner is made from 100% recycled polyester
  • Aluminum buckles utilized can be recycled at the end of the product lifespan
  • The undyed colorway is the most sustainable option as it uses less water
  • 100% recycled PE polybag used for shipping
  • Hang tags are 100% recycled paper, with QR code info to reduce paper needs, attached with 100% cotton string which is biodegradable

Properties: Durable, 26 litre capacity, loads of storage options, comfortable.
What we like: This stylish and unique backpack is designed for the everyday adventurer with some thoughtful features that make it ideal for travel too. We love all the storage options and it’s surprisingly comfortable for moderate day hikes too.

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  • Woman cycling by the sea
  • Woman with jacket hood up
  • Jacket pocket

Rab Cinder Kinetic Waterproof Jacket

  • climate-neutral-company
  • fair-wear
Rab jacketFabrics and production: Recycled polyester and fluorocarbon-free DWR coating.
Properties: Waterproof (HH rating of 10,000), breathable, windproof, lightweight, cycle specific design.
What we like: This stylish jacket is incredibly lightweight with a small amount of stretch for optimal comfort when cycling. It’s got some great cycle-specific features that make it ideal for jaunts in cool and changeable conditions.

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  • Cotopaxi bum bag
  • Man standing by the sea
  • Man walking on harbour

Cotopaxi Kapai 3L Hip Pack – Del Día

  • b-corporation
  • climate-neutral
  • one-percent-for-the-planet
Bum bagFabrics and production: 100% repurposed nylon shell fabric from remnant fabric.
Properties: 3 litre capacity, lightweight, comfortable.
What we like: Aside from the unique one of a kind colourway (which we love!), this bum bag is incredibly versatile and ideal for cycling, short hikes, popping into town, travel and general everyday use. It’s also just big enough to hold a 1 litre soft water flask.

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  • Kane shoes in water
  • Kane shoe sole

Kane Revive Active Recovery Shoes

  • b-corporation
  • one-percent-for-the-planet
Kane shoesFabrics and production: Made with RestoreFoam, created from renewable sugarcane.
Properties: Comfortable, quick drying, supportive.
What we like: These unique shoes are more versatile than you might imagine and are a great alternative to Crocs offering more stability, style, support and the bonus of post-activity recovery. The perfect camping shoe to put on at the end of a hard day on the trail, and also great for water-based adventures.

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  • Bike with handlebar bag
  • Top tube bag on bike
  • Bike bags

Dirtbags Climbing Bike Bag Bundle

climbing Dirtbags Bike bags
Fabrics and production: Handmade using repurposed materials.
Properties: Shower-proof, lightweight, durable.
What we like: All of the bike bag bundles created by Dirtbags Climbing are completely unique and handmade, and they come with Velcro straps to attach them to your bike. The handlebar bag is big enough for a couple of layers, sunglasses, lunch and tools. Whilst the top tube bag provides easy access to your phone, gloves and snacks. They’re simple and very pleasing on the eye. Not to mention excellent value, especially for handmade items!

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  • Woman camping
  • Man walking to canoe
  • Woman using cooler bag

Icemule R-Jaunt 20L Cooler Backpack

Icemule CoolerFabrics and production: Made from recycled PET and recyclable at the end of its life.
Properties: Keeps contents cold for up to two days, carryable as a backpack, 20 litre capacity.
What we like: It’s just the right capacity for a 2-3 day camping trip for 2-4 people (depending on your beer to food ratio!). And it’s comfortable enough to carry for short distances when fully loaded. We also really like the ability to inflate the backpack for optimal insulation.

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  • Woman wearing Voited Slumber Jacket
  • Getting into sleeping mode
  • Inside of jacket pocket

VOITED Slumber Jacket

Slumber jacketFabrics and production: Ripstop is made from 100% recycled plastic bottles, Bionic Finish®Eco Fluorine Free DWR coating, insulation made out of a post-consumer recycled content of at least 80%.
Properties: Warm, quick drying, convertible into a sleeping bag!
What we like: This unique sleeping bag jacket has some highly appealing features for general outdoor wear in cool conditions. As a jacket, it’s spacious enough for use as a changing robe. Plus, the ability to convert into a sleeping bag makes it perfect for camping, outdoor movie nights, beach campfires and post-adventure cosiness.

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  • Water bottle
  • Water filter bottle
  • Water bottle next to bag

Water-to-Go Sugarcane Water Filter Bottle

BottleFabrics and production: Made from sugarcane plant-based plastic; fibrous residue that is leftover from the processing of sugar, which is fermented into ethanol and then further processed to form a plant-based plastic.
Properties: Filters 99.9999% of all bacteria, viruses, chlorine, fluoride and heavy metals, 550ml capacity, lightweight.
What we like: The ability to filter heavy metals as well as the other stuff is a big plus for us as we live in an area where there’s arsenic and post-mining metals in the waterways. We also love the ergonomic shape for holding. And the relatively low capacity is actually ideal for everyday use when you don’t need to carry a full litre.

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  • man putting on waterproof pants
  • Man with hand in pocket
  • Water beading on pants

Jack Wolfskin Rainy Days 2.5l Pants

  • bluesign
  • sustainable-apparel-coalition
PantsFabrics and production: Made from 100% recycled polyester, PFC-free and Bluesign approved fabric.
Properties: Waterproof (HH rating of 20,000), breathable, lightweight.
What we like: These are incredibly lightweight waterproof pants that are also exceptionally quiet to wear; no rustling as you walk! The full length side zips are invaluable for pulling on over muddy boots. And we really love the hand pocket zips that allow access to the pockets of your hiking pants underneath.

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  • Putting gloves on
  • Gloves and bottle
  • Glove grip

Cotopaxi Teca Fleece Gloves

  • b-corporation
  • climate-neutral
  • one-percent-for-the-planet
GlovesFabrics and production: 100% recycled polyester fleece.
Properties: Grippy palms, moderately warm, moisture wicking, quick drying.
What we like: These are great for the in-between times when you need some cosy warmth but it’s not totally freezing out. The colours are fab and the clip that keeps them together when you’re not wearing them is very useful. Plus, it’s hard not to love all the good stuff that Cotopaxi are doing for the planet and the people on it.

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  • Woman wearing blue fleece
  • Back of person
  • Woman in BAM fleece
BAM fleece

BAM Clothing 73 Zero Recycled Fleece Jacket

  • b-corporation

Fabrics and production: 100% recycled materials, 100% recyclable
Properties: Warm, super cosy, quick drying, loose fitting
What we like: This is one luxurious winter warmer. Made for the coldest days on the trail, for windy coastal walks or for everyday wear around town or at home. I love the huge kangaroo pocket to keep your fingers toastie. And the extra length at the back helps keep out the chill. Plus, there’s a barcode you can scan to get the lowdown on its environmental impact.

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