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Review: Lowa Trek Evo Mid GTX Women’s Hiking Boots

Lowa Trek Evo Mid GTX hiking boots standing on ice

A women’s specific lightweight and versatile hiking boot for every type of trail in moderate conditions

The Lowa Trek Evo Mid GTX are an impressive all-round pair of hiking boots for women to enjoy long days on the trails in a variety of moderate three-season conditions and terrain. Lightweight, supple, and with an excellent grip, these boots will ensure your hikes (and more) are confidently done in comfort and pleasure.

Lowa Trek Evo Mid GTX: The stats

Best for:Day hikes, multi-day hiking, female feet
Weight:920 g/pair
Waterproof:Yes, Gore-tex
Overall rating:

Features of the Lowa Trek Evo Mid GTX


waterproof Hiking bootsThe construction of the upper boot is fully synthetic, leather free, which is why the boot is so lightweight and supple. It is also completely vegan friendly. I really enjoy how easy these are to maintain, a quick wash off rather than taking a long time to dry and wax.

Outsole and midsole

Sole of hiking bootsThe sole benefits from Vibram Rock Trac Sense giving the boot excellent traction and grip, and the midsole features new DynaPU+ flexible technology to provide great comfort, cushioning and rebound properties. These boots are a women specific last, designed differently around the instep and ball of the foot, to accommodate a better fit for most women’s feet. Lowa have also designed the sole so that it can be replaced by a specialist but still keeping the upper so you can enjoy the boot for a long time to come.


Hiking boot lacesLacing the boots are made super easy with the 2 Zone lacing so you can put different tensions on the lower and upper parts of the boots, equalising pressure of the laces across the hooks and tongue. Additionally, an X-Lacing stud on the tongue keeps the tongue in place vertically and horizontally to prevent slippage and pressure. Both these features allow multiple adjustments for different foot anatomies and ultimately a better fit.

Toe box

Toes of hiking bootsThe toe box boasts extra protection on the outside to avoid scuffs and toe stubs. Inside, there is enough room to wiggle the toes and allow afternoon foot swelling.


Hiking boot cushioningThe DynaPU+ flexible midsole provides excellent cushioning. It’s designed to naturally roll with the foot and has enough rigidity in it to give good support. Alongside the soft tongue and flexible uppers, you can walk in this boot all day long.


Lowa Trek Evo Mid GTX review

I’m a leather hiking boot person. I like the traditional construction, style, aesthetic and durability. However, I’m also a person open to trying new things, so I was excited to be given the opportunity to try these boots from Lowa and see if a lightweight synthetic boot could turn my head. I was really keen to see if they were watertight and felt tough for longevity.
On opening the box I could see the quality was high, well made and finished. Twisting and turning them over in my hands I could feel they were supple yet with some rigidity in the sole, and with a solid grip. I couldn’t wait to try them!

For reference, my feet sit somewhere between a UK 7-7.5, I reviewed a size 7 and wore mid-weight hiking socks. For specific measurements the length of my foot is 10 inches (26cm), and measure 4” (10cm) at the widest part and I have fairly high arches, classing myself as having quite a wide foot.

Woman wearing hiking boots in Alaskan mountains

Type and location of use

My first outing was a 13 mile hike on Dartmoor in August, so a hot sweaty day with a variety of terrain, flats and steeps. Since then I have used them on several day-long coast path hikes, again in the drier summer months over rocky and loose material with a lot of ascent and descent. A two-day overnight wild camping trip on Dartmoor in the rain tested their waterproofness and comfort when carrying extra weight. The biggest test for the boots came on a 2-week holiday to Alaska where I hiked a variety of rocky upland trails and boggy lowland trails, and were also my footwear of choice on the mountain bike. I was worried I wouldn’t get to test these in wetter and muddier conditions but can safely say they’ve had a good all-round evaluation and I now regularly use them as my go-to boot.

Comfort and fit

They feel super light on my feet in comparison to my heavier 3-season leather boots, and straight out of the box (I gambled and hadn’t even worn them in around the house) they fit like a glove, I was, and still continue to be, impressed! There is no rubbing, no front-back movement on hills, and good cushioning throughout a long day on the trails means my feet aren’t the body parts feeling tired. I did feel a slight pinch on the widest part of my foot towards the end of my first hike in them, but put this down to first time wear and summer heat swelling my feet, and haven’t felt this since, so definitely not enough to put me off.

Materials and durability

After 3 months of wear I felt confident that these boots were well built and in it for the long haul. However, only a few months more of wear has left me doubting my first impressions; the seams that join the uppers with the mid sole have started to split slightly, making them much less waterproof on the really wet days. My impression of synthetic boots is still being questioned, as a result of this.

If you are looking for an eco-friendly boot, the construction is vegan-friendly, so don’t use leather or animal glues. 

Ellie crossing river in Lowa hiking boots


These boots have a Gore-Tex lining so I was expecting them to keep my feet dry and warm even in the worst conditions. For the first couple of months I was not let down in the slightest. In a full day of rain on the moors, purposely walking through streams to really put them to the test, they held out and there wasn’t the slightest bit of soggy sock. During a particularly tricky river crossing in Alaska, the boots not only gripped on the boulders but survived a complete double-foot submergence. The only time I got a wet foot was when the water completely came over the top of my ankle, which is to be expected, they’re not miracle boots! I can quite happily walk through a bog, jump in puddles and cross rivers confident that my feet will stay dry.

However, after a four months of wear my trust in their waterproofness has been somewhat tainted. A particularly wet winter hike in the Lake District left my socks soggy – a result of the aforementioned seams that have started to split. A bit disappointed as they have a lot to offer in other areas.


I like that these boots are lightweight enough to grab them for short hikes, long hikes, dog walks and even biking. They are a really good choice for an adventure based holiday too if you’re needing to keep weight down in luggage, or if you need an all-rounder for a variety of moderate conditions. They are super comfortable, dry quickly, and are low on maintenance. I don’t hesitate to pick these up for general use out on the trails.

What I love the most about the Lowa Trek Evo Mid GTX

The grip. The soles on these boots are superb, they are tough and look like they will be durable over time. I have used these boots on rocks, scree and loose stones, and in mud; not once have I stumbled or slipped. I’m really impressed, and helps instill confidence on loose ground.
I also love how lightweight the boots are which makes them versatile for other activities, I could run a few miles in them (if needed!) and have used them on the mountain bike too.

What I don’t love so much about the Lowa Trek Evo Mid GTX

Unfortunately, I have concerns about the durability of the boots. As mentioned, after only a couple of months of wear, the seams have started to split slightly and are letting in water on the really wet days.

Additionally, the tongue feels a little ‘puffy’. It has great cushioning, but perhaps too much, it comes up quite high compared to the ankle support and has a tendency to flap a little. This is rectified by lacing efficiently, which sometimes I don’t do if I’m in a rush. It’s different to what I’m used to and isn’t enough to put me off the boots. I’m still getting used to the look, the light grey with a dash of colour doesn’t make me love them like I love a leather boot, but don’t judge a book by its cover!

Hiking up a steep track in boots


So, what is the verdict of the Lowa Trek Evo Mid GTX boots? Has my head been turned by these lightweight, women’s specific, synthetic boots?! Initially I would have answered with a resounding “yes”; their design and lightweight nature tick loads of boxes for me. However, I will only give them 4 out of 5 (points deducted for the durability concerns). With this in mind, I think they are on the more expensive side for a synthetic boot.

Overall, I really like the comfort, low weight, incredible grip, and would recommend them to anyone looking for a lighter boot with the proviso that they stick with wearing them in more clement conditions and not through the winter.

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Disclaimer: Cool of the Wild received this product free in return for an honest review. We only recommend gear that we love from companies we trust and we are under no obligation to give a positive review. All thoughts and opinions are that of the reviewer and we are in no way influenced by the brand or company.


Ellie Woodward

Ellie Woodward
Ellie is based in Cornwall, UK, and loves being outside and adventuring from the doorstep or exploring new places further afield. The water is where her passion lies the most, often found in, on or by the sea, creeks, estuaries and beaches swimming, on a surfboard, paddle board or in a canoe. A love of slow-paced human powered outdoor fun away from the hustle is where Ellie feels most comfortable, on foot running or hiking the trails or taking a bike off the beaten track. With seasonal trips into the mountains for some ski time and taking her dads dinghy out for local sailing trips, sitting still is not often a priority!

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