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Lockdown Adventure Training: Ways to Stay Active At Home

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Whether you’re after some lockdown adventure training inspiration or want to try new ways to stay active at home, we’ve got you covered. In this article you’ll find real people resorting to crazy, inspirational and amusing ways to get their adventure kicks and stay active at home.

Lockdown means different things to everyone. For some it is a scary and unsettling time. For others it is full of unknowns that are exciting. Many people are even enjoying the slower pace of life that comes with isolation. But whilst they’re chilling out and embracing the good life, there are those who are reaching breaking point and climbing the walls with cabin fever, literally!

Adventurers, outdoorsy folk and active people are amongst those who are really feeling the strain of confinement. And although there are many of us who are not able to muster positive action right now, there are also those who are not letting this crazy situation stop their progress.

Now, more than ever, the need to be creative and innovative is key to staying sane and healthy. There are a ton of ways to stay active at home that will not only help with physical health, but also with mental health.

Get inspired to stay active at home


Leaving the house to go for a run is one of the few things that most people are able to do without too much trouble. Whether you enjoy it or not, is another matter. But next time you find yourself wishing you were back home on your couch, spare a thought for those who are not able to get out and about, and keep plodding with a smile on your face. This guy took his support for the amazing frontline staff and key workers a step further by running a marathon on his 7m balcony. As a result, balcony marathons have now become a thing!


If you think balcony marathon runners are amazing, then check out what this 99-year-old recently achieved. Captain Tom Moore walked 100 lengths of his 25m garden, before his 100th birthday, to raise money for NHS Heroes. Well, he smashed it, raising over £29 million! But the best bit… he’s still walking! What a guy.

Support this incredible cause and achievement by donating at Captain Tom’s Just Giving Page.

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Climbing and mountaineering

For those already accustomed to the vertical world of rock climbing and mountaineering, the term “climbing the walls” doesn’t always have negative connotations. Quite the opposite, I think. It turns out, there are plenty of ways to get your climbing fix, just by hanging out at home.

Here are a couple of my favourites:



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Whilst some areas recommend staying out of the water, many surfing communities have banned surfing altogether. So, even if you’re lucky enough to live within walking distance of your nearest break, surfing really should be put on hold for the time being. However, lockdown time provides an ideal opportunity to perfect your pop-up and pump up your paddling arms (and back and core!). I’ve been rather enjoying strengthening up and improving my technique staying warm and dry in my garden!

Obstacle race training

If your idea of fun is hauling your body over obstacles and dragging yourself through muddy fields, then fear not: there are loads of ways to stay strong and keep training at home. No, I’m not suggesting you create a mud bath in your backyard… though I’m sure someone out there has done that! Instead, create a homemade rig to replicate obstacles. Melissa Boufounos, two time Obstacle Course Race World Championships competitor, has created a rig that offers unlimited configurations to practice on from the comfort of her basement!
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Couples workout routine

They say that those who sweat together stay together, right? Well, adventure couple, Ryan and Alex, have taken it to the next level with their hilarious workout that combines teamwork, coordination and trust. But don’t be fooled by this cute way to have a giggle with your other half. This is actually one mega tough routine that incorporates strength training, cardio, and HIIT. It’ll certainly get you sweating, that’s for sure!


Swimming is a really tough activity to let go of for many people. It’s relatively gentle on the body compared with other cardio-based activities, and it can be very good physical and mental therapy. Unfortunately, it’s also very difficult to replicate from the confines of your home. That is, unless you enjoy hanging out in a wheelie-bin filled with freezing cold water!



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Alternatively, set up an oversized paddling pool in your back garden, leash yourself to the edge, and get swimming!


Much like swimming, canoeing and kayaking are virtually impossible to recreate at home. However, there are a few ways in which one can have a little fun with the sport. You know, just to take your mind off how much you’re missing the repetitive motion of slicing the paddle blade through untouched, still water…



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Skiing and snowboarding

Accepting life without snowsports is hard-hitting for those who eat, sleep, and breath time on the snow. But there’s still plenty of ways to prepare for when you’re back skiing and snowboarding. Like taking a course, strength training, or just making skiing happen in your back garden (my personal favourite!)



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Other adventures

To finish, I thought I’d share these rather lovely and creative ways in which adventurers have expressed their passions for adventure…



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