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Last Friday afternoon I received a box in the post. Getting anything in the post that isn’t a bill or bank statement is always exciting, but to see a little brown box sitting on my doormat was the perfect end to a busy and tiring week. So I took my neat little package and opened it up to find that it was the Wild Inspiration Box that I had been dying to receive.

The brown paper package tied up with string (absolutely one of my favourite things!), was accompanied by a sweet little tag and a timely and resonant quote from the great David Bowie:

“I don’t know where I’m going from here, but I promise it won’t be boring.”

Those simple words immediately evoked a sense of excitement for what was inside that brown paper, and for what it might mean for me and my next adventure. I felt like a child at Christmas, so I put the kettle on for an afternoon brew and made an occasion of opening my first Wild Inspiration Box.

Wild Inspiration Box

And who should be more apt to greet me than the face of the inspiring British Adventurer, Alastair Humphreys? A great first impression. On the same page, (but folded downwards) was an outline of what was in the box, which I chose not to read until I’d opened it all up to see for myself.

The items that Wild Inspiration selected for the box were exactly what I needed to get me fired up to go do something more than the miniature adventures that I’ve been enjoying for the last couple of years – the types of adventures that are much easier the more you do them. And however you see adventure, I believe that the harder it is, the more you will gain from it, and of course the more memorable it will be.

So I sat and enjoyed my Friday afternoon with the gorgeous mappazine edition of “There Are Other Rivers” sprawled across the kitchen table, cup of tea in one hand and “Grand Adventures” book in the other. They say that adventures have to start somewhere, and on that insignificant afternoon in March, I believe that my next adventure was born. Time for me to step out of my comfort zone!

Wild Inspiration Box contents

I adore the concept of adventure boxes arriving in the post. There are so many people out there with an adventure inside of them just waiting to be prised out, and for many, this simple gift might be exactly what they need to realise that an adventure, big or small, can be done. The boxes break down the first barrier to just getting out there – giving the receiver some knowledge, not only of what is possible, but also knowledge that fellow human beings have accomplished incredible things in the name of adventure.

I also love that you don’t know exactly what your box will contain! Wild Inspiration give you a teaser of the contents; adventure kit, books, films and snacks for the trail, but the exact items aren’t disclosed upon ordering.

In addition to receiving the box, there are exclusive videos and interviews on the Wild Inspiration website, and if you become a monthly subscriber to receiving boxes, you are entitled to a free one once you have accumulated a certain number of points.

Wild Inspiration have created a really heartwarming and potentially life-changing idea to inspire and motivate people from all walks of life. The boxes are an ideal gift for the would-be adventurer in your life, or a kick up the backside for the all-talk-no-action man. A push to swim against the current to greatness, or a whispered encouragement to take the first leap into the unknown.

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