Danny MacAskill's Wee Day Out

Danny MacAskill’s Wee Day Out

Since Danny MacAskill first catapulted onto the world stage back in 2009, he has been a constant source of inspiration for bike riders everywhere. His indescribable talent for making a bicycle do things that really shouldn’t be possible has earned him his dream job of riding bikes for a living. And boy is he good at his job – probably the best.

Having ridden for Red Bull since very early on in his career, Danny has travelled to far flung places creating films, perfecting tricks and stunts, and exploring in the only way he knows how; comfortably mounted on one of his many bicycles. And yet for all his miles riding on foreign soil, (or rails, roof tops, rocks and ridges), it is ever obvious where his heart truly lies – back home in Scotland, the setting of his latest and arguably greatest film of bike trickery yet.

Danny MacAskill’s Wee Day Out will amuse and entertain you. It will wow you, inspire you, and then leave you gobsmacked and empty whilst you sit there questioning how that childlike playfulness, that Danny portrays in every turn of his pedals, managed to slip away from you so easily. His modest demeanor oozes ‘local boy’ charm that just makes you want to be 13 again, playing on your bike down the street, ideally with Danny as you mate!

But what really stands out on Danny MacAskill’s Wee Day Out is the unexpected creativity in which he approaches each new feature. He effortlessly turns his backdrop of just another day pootling in the Scottish countryside into a masterpiece of expressive movements and unusual stunts. Much like a well designed skate park or bike ramp, it’s as if the terrain in which Danny rides was created specifically for the trick that he performs on it. Perhaps in Danny’s eyes, that’s exactly how the world is. Just one giant purpose-built terrain park.

So before you sit back in all your grown up sensibility to watch Danny play on his bicycle, do make sure you have a pot of tea at the ready. It’s unlikely you’ll even get to take a sip of it as you watch open-mouthed, but at least it’s there if you need it.

So what’s next for this bike riding legend? Well October 2016 sees Danny embarking upon an African adventure that will be documented by Freeride Entertainment for their new film Nothing’s For Free. The film, that is due to come out in spring 2018, explores the history of freeride mountain biking over three decades. We’re pretty excited for it’s arrival, but in the meantime there’s still time to get on yer bike and nail that trick that you never quite mastered back when you were 15. Good luck!

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