Argentinean winter log cabin

Unusual Winter Cabins

If you find Pintrest a time-sink then don’t, for goodness sake, get involved in Cabin Porn – you will drown in your own drool from wasted hours ogling at well-placed wood and bricks. As with any casual addiction, cabin lust needs feeding. So to help save you from your own demise, we’ve wasted a few hours on your behalf and compiled a list of our favourite and most unusual winter cabins from around the world. Thank us later.

Italian stilted house

The long legs of this stilted house stand in the tranquil waters of Braies Lake in the South Tyrol region of Northern Italy. They probably don’t have enough boats for their guests and the view is pretty terrible too.

Faroe domes

These cool domes can be found on the Faroe Islands, but if you don’t fancy making the journey out into the isolation of the North Atlantic Ocean, then you can just order one for yourself! Suddenly having your own cabin seems like it might actually happen one day after all…

Ski chalet in Whistler

Whistler dream

I’m not really sure if this can be categorised as a winter ‘cabin’, but we feel that it is important to cater for all levels of dreamers out there, and a shame not to share this ridiculous pad with you. This ultimate ski chalet that looks over the ski town of Whistler in Canada, was designed by Patkau Architects and is unfortunately not available for visitors to try for size.

Norwegian hideaway

This unusual and hidden little gem on Kvalvika beach, was built by a couple of surfers who spent a winter living in this remote corner of Norway. Much of the cabin is made from trash found on the beach, but as the cold set in, it soon became their treasure. Check out their inspiring video of life North of the Sun.

Austrian winter cabin

Austrian Ufogel

Not to every cabin addicts’ tastes, but a wonderfully modern take of the traditional alpine chalet nonetheless. It is sleek and simple with vast windows for valley views, and if you need a little more convincing, you can rent this winter cabin for your next frosty getaway.

Argentinean log cabin

This classic woodland log cabin may look like it’s about to collapse under the weight of it’s own roof, but it certainly doesn’t loose points for it’s Hansel and Gretel fairytale charm. One can only imagine the quirkiness that the interiors have to offer.

Bosnian bunker

Believe it or not, this bunker-like structure near Sarajevo in Bosnia, is actually a purpose-built ski cabin on Jahorina Mountain. Ski-in, ski-out has never been so easy, or safe!

Swiss boulder cabin

Swiss boulder

From the inside, you could mistake the camouflage and stealth of this secret mountain hideaway for a simple shepherd’s hut. Functional and practical for one person to live in comfortably, we expect to see this rock solid winter cabin featuring in the next Bond movie.

Canadian log cabin

Canadian cabin

In the mountains near Revelstoke, BC, sits this perfect log cabin. With a Heidi loft for sleeping and a wood burner for warmth, you are free to enjoy the comforts of the cosy cabin as if it were your own (providing no-one else has beaten you to it). But it’s not totally without a toll – earn your right to reside, by hiking the 11km Keystone Basin route. Worth every step.

Utah Utopia

This modern winter cabin sits tucked away, off the beaten track, in Utah’s Big Cottonwood Canyon. Entitled ‘One Day’ by the photographer Jake Allison, we get the impression that he’s not the only one dreaming of a time when life in a winter cabin becomes the norm.

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