Avalanche in the mountains


Set in the majestic Coast Mountain Range of west coast Canada, Snowman tells the true story of a small town boy battling through to adulthood chasing childhood dreams. As kids, best friends, Kevin Fogolin and freeskiing icon Mike Douglas, dreamt of life in a snowy paradise doing what they loved. Each attempted life in the real world, but their passion for the mountains always proved too strong. Brave enough to break away and dream big, they finally created enviable lifestyles and ultimate happiness.

But for Kevin, the weather obsessed snow guru, the desire for freedom in the wilderness took him far beyond his dreams and into a nightmare reality that changed everything, leaving the childhood friends having to confront the inherent risks of their surroundings, head on.

It’s the story of a friendship forged in the mountains, and a lifestyle where the greatest risk is not daring to dream at all.

This thought provoking documentary of the high life, is a stark reminder of the risks that constantly lurk in the shadows of the hills, and evokes the question of whether following ones heart at all costs, is really worth it.

Switchback Entertainment have done a great job of bringing the reality of it all to the forefront of the mountain scene’s awareness, and their work won them Best Mountain Culture Film award at the 2014 Whistler Film Festival – amongst other awards.

In 2015, over 100 backcountry skiers lost their lives in the Alps alone – most of them killed by avalanches. Getting into situations that fast become out of control is all too easy, so if you find yourself being tempted by off-piste/backcountry skiing then make sure you are as prepared as possible. Get yourself on an avalanche safety course, get out with experienced people who can share their knowledge, make sure you have all the correct gear and know how to use it – and never ever be afraid to turn back.

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