Man sitting on beach at sunset

North of the Sun

If you’re in need of some inspiration to get your priorities back on track then a dose of North of the Sun may just be the required tonic.

This independent adventure film, which won the Banff: Grand Prize, People’s Choice Award in 2013 (amongst many other awards) documents the day-to-day lives of Inge Wegge and Jorn Ranum in their pursuit of paradise. Their adventure takes them to a remote beach on Norway’s norther coast. Great surf and simple living fill their agenda, as well as dealing face-on with the frigid seclusion of a sunless arctic winter.

North of the Sun isn’t just another arty clip of thrill-seeking surf bums. It’s an invitation for us to step back and consider the reality of winter survival with nothing but a beach full of trash. The pair do just that and more. Their incessant thirst for life leads them to thrive in a world where frozen wetsuit boots are chosen above cosy dry slippers!

Whilst the beautifully stark and often gloomy picture might leave you pondering over the depth of the adventure, the film itself is heartwarmingly cheery and endlessly optimistic.

Surfer or not, we can all enjoy the sentiment behind this brilliant film and look forward to seeing where their next project will take them.

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