3 Skiers touring across snowy landscape


In March 2015 there was a solar eclipse. A once or maybe twice in a lifetime event that most of us will be lucky if we are even aware of, let alone be able to see. And yet, with the odds stacked against him, ski photographer Reuben Krabbe set out on a most unique expedition to capture his dream shot.

His team comprised of pro-skiers Chris Reubens, Cody Townsend and Brody Leven, whom Krabbe hoped to capture in action during the eclipse. The unlikely combination of characters and their conflicting motivations provide an insightful account of one man’s drive to achieve what most would right off as insanity.

Salomon, in partnership with Switchback Entertainment, documented the project and captured the drama and beauty of Northern Norway’s Svalbard region. Their efforts won them Best Film: Snow Sports at the Banff Mountain Film Festival in November 2015.

We look forward to more award-winning clips from Salomons’ Freeski TV series over the coming winter.

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