Aerial view of surfer on wave

Amazing Aerial Surf Videos

If these two aerial surf videos don’t make you want to take a vacation then nothing will!

Filmed from above by remote controlled drones, they perfectly capture the beautiful art of surfing. You truly get a sense of the immense scale and the awesome power of the waves.

Aerial photography drones, such a the DJI Phantom quadcopter, are becoming more sophisticated and increasingly affordable, so hopefully we’ll soon be seeing much more amazing sports footage shot from the skies.

Aerial photographer Eric Sterman created this breathtaking video as surfers grappled with the huge waves at Hawaii’s Banzai Pipeline, considered by many to be the world’s deadliest reef break.

If you can’t stomach the razor sharp reefs then get a load of this stunning bit of dronography from The Bird. More laid back, but no less epic, it was shot over 11 glorious days in the beautiful crystal clear waters of the Mentawai Islands. Look on with envy as these lucky folk kick back and make the most of this dream location.


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