Theo Hanson on 500m slackline in Utah

Across the Sky

This short clip of Theo Sanson, a professional slackliner who would rather die from passion than boredom, is a pulse-raising portrayal of pushing the limits of mental strength and human ingenuity. The stunning visuals of Castle Valley, Utah will have your jaw at your chest and palms sweating by the opening scene!

If you’ve ever stepped on a slackline then you may have a small degree of appreciation as to what is involved in this incredible feat. You may also have considered the lengths that the 15 strong team went to to rig up the 500m line in the first place. An all round impressive accomplishment from conception to post-filming production.

To find out what it takes to be a pro slackliner, check out Theo’s website and more clips of him doing what he does best.

If watching this fearless Frenchman balance his way to happiness makes you want to run away and join the circus then have a read of what we have to say about taking your first steps on a slackline.

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