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How to Wear a Buff in 14 Simple Styles

How to wear a Buff

How can one bit of material be so darn useful? The multifunctional headwear that is the Buff, is one of the most simple bits of outdoor kit you will ever buy, and there are more ways of putting it to good use than you might realise. So if you want to join the headband heros of the outdoor world and get yourself buffed up, then it’s important that you know all the different methods of how to wear a Buff properly.

But before we demonstrate how to get in the buff, it’s worth noting that there’s not just one type of tubed cosiness to cover up with. Since the dawn of the Original Buff back in the 90’s, loads of different and very cool Buffs have been created: fleece-lined, windproof, Merino, long, reversible, knitted and even a UV buff that offers protection from UV rays – to name but a few.

Why are Buffs so great?

Well, aside from their innate versatility, they are also pretty good at controlling the temperature of your head. The moisture-wicking properties keep sweat under wraps, preventing the cooling of excess moisture and thus lowering the chances of losing body heat. They are thin enough to fit under helmets easily with no uncomfortable seams, and are made from non-itchy microfibers.

How to wear a Buff

ways to wear a buff

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The Buff in these images is made from 100% Merino wool; a natural and sustainable fabric that, as well as being breathable, has excellent thermo regulation properties.

Woman wearing a Buff as a neck scarf

1) Neck Buff

Unlike more conventional scarves, the neck Buff doesn’t become irritable or itchy, and there’s no chance of it unravelling or loosening leaving chilly drafts down the back of your neck.

Woman wearing a Buff as a face mask

2) Face mask

If the conditions are really cold, pull it right up over your nose and mouth; the breathability of the fabric also applies to your own breath and it won’t get wet and sticky like other fabrics.

Woman wearing a Buff as a balaclava

3) Balaclava Buff

For ultimate head protection in winter conditions, rock the balaclava Buff. It sits well underneath helmets without any uncomfortable seams or creases. Check out the video at the bottom to see how to wear a Buff balaclava.

Woman wearing a Buff for sun protection

4) Sun protection

This simple setup prevents sweat rolling down your forehead on hot summer expeditions. The tail at the back also protects the back of your neck from the sun. Choose a UV Buff for added protection.

Woman wearing a Buff as a sweat band

5) Sweat band

Great when out jogging to prevent sweat from dripping into your eyes. The Buff band makes you look the part too!

Woman wearing a Buff as a head band

6) Headband Buff

Folded into thirds, the headband Buff is a good option when you don’t want a full Buff beanie on but still want some protection over your ears.

Woman wearing a Buff as a bandana

7) Buff bandana

Wearing a Buff bandana works well under a cycling helmet, and the ingenious and simple twist can be adjusted to fit.

Woman wearing a Buff as a beanie hat

8) Buff beanie hat

Twisting the middle of the Buff makes a great fitting and stylish double-lined Buff beanie. It can be worn with a helmet and is also good under the hood of your jacket to add some layering when hiking in the winter.

Woman wearing a Buff as a bobble hat

9) Bobble hat

For a single-layered Buff beanie hat with a bit of style, simply tie a loose big knot in the end of the Buff.

Woman wearing a Buff Legionnaire style

10) Legionnaire style

This way of wearing a Buff provides excellent protection from the sun to your head and neck. Saturate it with water and the cooling properties will remain as the water evaporates.

Woman wearing a Buff as a hair tie

11) Hair tie

Embrace the scrunchie style ‘do’ and get those unruly locks under control. A hair Buff is ideal for big hair days!

Woman wearing a Buff as a head band

12) Hair band

Wear it as a hair band to keep your hair out of your face. Also a good option if you have wet hair in cold conditions – the band will leave much of your hair free to dry whilst still providing some warmth to your head and ears.

Woman wearing a Buff as a wrist band

13) Wrist sweat band

Use to wipe away sweat or wear it on your wrist just in case you might need to use it in any of the other ways listed above!

Do wearing a buff as a neck scarf

14) Dog Buff

Yes, there are also dog-specific Buffs available. Well if you’re camping with your dog then you don’t want them missing out do you?!

Now that you know your options for how to wear a Buff, check out this video which shows all the twists and folds you might need to get the most out of your multifunctional headwear.

How do you wear a Buff?

With all these different ways to wear Buff headwear kicking around, we’re sure that there must be even more out there that we don’t know about. So if you happen to know how to tie a Buff bandana in a way that we don’t, or you have the latest styling tips on how to wear a Buff with long hair, then we’d love to hear from you.

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