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Gifts for Snowboarders: 19 Cool Yet Useful Items

Gifts for snowboarders

Has there ever been a time when the snowboarding scene has been anything less than ultra cool? The earliest pioneers of the sport way back in the 70’s were keeping it cool right from the word go. And boy did they set a precedent for snowboarding fashion of the future! So it’s really not too hard to get your chilly hands on a whole host of cool gifts for snowboarders. But to avoid jumping on the image bandwagon that is often associated with snowboarding, we’ve found some useful, innovative, and functional stuff that snowboarders will love. And it happens to be pretty darn cool stuff too!

19 cool but useful gifts for snowboarders

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Keen Elena Boot

Keen Elena Boot

After a tough day on the slopes, what better way to reward your feet than by stepping into the cushioned comfort of these cute winter boots by Keen? As well being up there with some of the best hiking footwear brands in the industry, Keen Footwear also knows a thing or two about functional style when your feet are in much need of some recovery time. These gorgeous Elena Boots are one such offering from Keen’s winter range and an ideal gift for your snow bunny. They combine warmth down to -4°F / -20°C (from charcoal bamboo insulation), water-resistance (from premium leather uppers) and supreme comfort thanks to sneaker-like soles. All that’s left to decide upon is which of the 5 different colours will match your gal’s apres slope style!

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Smartwool Women's PhD Snow Medium Socks

Smartwool Women’s PhD Snow Medium Socks

No matter how boring they may seem, a good pair of socks is one of the most useful gifts for snowboarders you’ll find. Opt for a mega colourful and comfortable pair like these Smartwool Women’s PhD Snow Medium Socks and you really are onto a winner. The knee-length socks have a slim ankle and calf designed specifically for women. Plus, the medium cushion provides excellent padding inside snowboard boots, and cosy warmth too. But the best part is that the socks contain 56% merino wool. This means that they’ll last for days without the need to wash them thanks to the naturally odour-resistant properties of merino wool. Merino wool is also excellent at temperature regulation and moisture wicking. The gift of socks is more magical than you could ever have imagined!

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Dakine star studs stomp pad for snowboards

Dakine Star Studs Stomp Pad

So you’ve spent an age choosing the perfect snowboard, weighing up your preferred length and camber options, and the design is more awesome than your riding is able to live up to. So sticking on an average stomp pad that will cover up all that awesomeness is simply not an option. As your skills get as great as your snowboard deserves, you’ll just have to learn to skate without a stomp pad. But until then, opt for the minimalist design of these oh-so-stylish plated aluminium star studs. They provide maximal traction with minimal impact but that all import subtle touch of class. Gold stars also available, but only once you’ve earned your turns.

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Fuel Optics goggles with quick change magnetic lens

Fuel Optics Goggles with Magnetic Lens

Ever put on your reflective goggles at the start of a powder day only for the clouds to descend right at the top of your first run? Disaster. Riding in the wrong lenses can totally ruin your day in the mountains. And for as long as mountains are mountains, you can expect nothing but unpredictable conditions. With Fuel Optics quick and easy to change magnetic lens however, you can be as changeable as that mountain weather. The goggles feature Cloud9 anti-fog technology and have venting ports to control airflow. On top of all of that, these ultra-wide frameless goggles are awesome to look at, and even better to look through! One of the most useful gifts for snowboarders.

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Open Wear powder jacket for snowboarding

Open Wear Powder Jacket

A breathable, high performing powder jacket that is fully waterproof and doesn’t cost a fortune? They exist? They sure do, and with a waterproof membrane that also happens to be made from 100% recycled plastic! The Open One is super functional, eco-friendly and highly affordable. What’s not to love about this great looking and stylish jacket? Well nothing! And as the most open company in the outerwear industry, Open Wear will be sure to win the hearts of snowboarders and skiers the world over.

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Open Wear

Open Wear powder jacket

The Shapeshifter PowderJet Splitboard

If you’ve yet to cross paths with the highly addictive world of Cabin Porn, then one look at these gorgeously handcrafted lengths of wood, also known as snowboards, should give you a decent idea of what it’s all about. This ShapeShifter splitboard is one such snowboard that not only looks the part, but also floats effortlessly up to the performance platform as the perfect backcountry powder board. But eco-conscious PowderJet only produce about 150 of these Maple or Poplar boards each year, so you’d better stop ogling and get ordering if you want to be riding one this season. An ideal option if you’re after gifts for snowboarders who care about our world.

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Powder Jets

DMOS Collective Stealth snow shovel

DMOS Collective Stealth Snow Shovel

If you’ve ever found yourself blaming the kicker you just spent hours building, for why you failed to nail that simple trick for the 10th time in a row, then maybe you need to upgrade your kicker building tools? That’s usually the problem right?! Cue The Stealth Shovel; a kicker tool like no other. At 2.5mm thick, the aircraft quality aluminium alloy shovel is super solid yet light enough to disappear into your backpack. Along with the telescoping tubular shaft that provides 56.5” (144cm) of leverage for heavy digging and lifting, the serrated edge is capable of sculpting the snow with precision and perfection. A quality you might be lacking in your personal jumping toolbox?

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Beaverwax snowboard wax


There are a bunch of high quality board waxes on the market. But if you’re looking for something extra special then the award winning BeaverWax has been working hard at making one of the finest qualities of wax you can get your mitted hands on. Their eco-friendly waxes contain additives that are a whole lot more friendly to the environment than many other wax brands, and will have your waxing needs covered from the deep freeze right through to spring riding. BeaverWax also offer a quirky custom made wax programme where customers can choose the temperature, scent and colour of their wax. Warm, blue rootbeer anyone?!

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Beaver Wax

Bambool Thermics long sleeve base layer

Bambool Thermics Base Layer

If you thought that merino was the best possible material for your base layer, then think again. Sure, it’s pretty darn great, but if you’re investing your life savings on an expensive Icebreaker, then you do not want any kind of skin irritation – always a risk. So Bambool Thermics decided to eliminate that risk completely by mixing the wonder wool with bamboo viscose. The result is an ultra eco-friendly base layer that provides all the moisture-wicking properties of pure merino clothing but with an even more comfortable and cosy finish. This tag-free base layer is the first in their range, and is complete with gusseted armpits, zippered collar and thumb holes. The perfect complement to your winter layering system.

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Platypus Softbottle

Platypus SoftBottle

A day of exploring on the mountain can be thirsty work. But if you’re sticking inbounds then taking a backpack with you just to keep hydrated is almost as inconvenient as having to stop at the base every hour for a drink. So it becomes all too tempting to just forego drinking altogether – easily done when it’s -20ºC. But a big no-no if you want to be as warm as possible; staying hydrated is key to keeping the body temperature up. So stash a 1 litre SoftBottle of water in your jacket pocket, and it will only encourage you to drink it up – to make it lighter to carry more than anything else! Then once it’s all gone you won’t have a heavy, bulky bottle to lug around the mountain, just 22g of BPA-free plastic.

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Amazon | REI

Grass Racks bamboo snowboard rack

Grassracks Bamboo Snowboard Rack

Unless you’re avoiding summer altogether and are on a back to back winter schedule, then there will come a point each spring when that board needs to be put away. I know, it’s a traumatic time. So cling on to the memories all summer long by making a wall feature out of your beloved board. This beautifully handcrafted snowboard rack is a stylish way to store your gear during the off season as well as when you’re not on it during the winter. Grassracks have developed a clever mounting system that allows you to widen the rack if needed, or even interchange between your favourite rack designs! Made with sustainable and strong bamboo, this is another notch on your journey to an eco-friendly outdoor lifestyle.

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Floral Roxy Power Powder snow helmet

Roxy Power Powder Snow Helmet

There was a time when wearing a helmet to snowboard in was absolutely out of the question if you wanted to be taken even slightly seriously on your board. Thankfully, slope style has evolved so much in recent years that your helmet of choice is what sets you apart from the rest. So if you’re out to make an impact, strictly in the literal sense, then this Roxy Power Powder Snow helmet is sure to do the trick. The super light construction includes shock absorber expanded polystyrene and is lined with cosy fleece for warmth and comfort. And the removable ear pads and vents will see you rocking the Roxy right into the warmth of spring.

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Outdoor Technology Chips helmet audio

Outdoor Technology Chips Helmet Audio

What in life is more epic than finally landing that trick you’ve been working on all season? Or hitting the mountain on the best powder day of the year? Ah if only all those awesome moments came with a soundtrack. Well fit this audio system into almost any audio compatible helmet and this dream is yours for the taking. Connect wirelessly to your device but control the tunes from a single oversized button on each earpiece, without having to take your gloves off. You can also make calls and stay connected with the walkie-talkie function. Just make sure you rock the mountain to the deep bass and fresh new lines of some suitably epic tunes.

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Glower sweater with snowboard design

Glower Sweater

With all this cool stuff for snowboarders to use and enjoy on the mountain, having something awesome to get into post ride is the perfect celebration of good times had and great times ahead. This handprinted ‘Make Your Own Way’ sweater by Glower, is made from recycled organic cotton and recycled polyester. The design is also available in mens and womens t-shirts and hoodies which are all Fair Wear garments, all super comfortable and all with one vision of seeking out a lifetime of snow-filled adventures.

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Lenz Products battery powered heat sock

Lenz Products Heat Sock

If you suffer from cold feet and poor circulation then a day stomping around in sub-zero temperatures can actually be really miserable. And super painful when your toes finally thaw out! Add in restrictive boots and tight bindings and there’s no chance of those toes ever feeling toastie again. Well fret not frosty ones! The rechargeable battery power of the Lenz Products Heat Sock is here to save the day (and your toes)! The integrated heating elements extend right down to the toes, and you can even control the temperature from you smartphone. Sure, they might be a little over budget for a pair of super warm socks, but if you added up all the money wasted on ski-passes that you only used for an hour before numb toes got the better of you, you could probably afford two pairs!

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Pieps Tour Pro 34 Jetforce avalanche airbag pack

Pieps Tour Pro 34 JetForce Avalanche Airbag Pack

Black Diamond have teamed up with Pieps to create the Tour Pro Jetforce pack. This is one high end touring backpack designed with serious winter backcountry adventurers in mind. It has all the features, fit and usability that you would expect and need during all-day tours and hut trips, with the added bonus of game changing airbag technology. The Jetforce range steers clear of the usual canister airbag systems and their shortfalls, and has adopted a battery-powered jet-fan that inflates the 200 litre airbag within 4 seconds. This innovative technology helps those unlucky enough to be caught in an avalanche to be kept as close to the surface of the snow as possible.

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Hestra Army 3-finger gloves

Hestra Army 3-Finger Gloves

Combine the cosiness of mittens with the dexterity and functionality of fingered gloves and you’ve got yourself some kind of hybrid ninja turtle glove that happens to be ideal for snowboarders. The windproof, waterproof and breathable upper of these Hestra Heli gloves will protect those precious digits from the elements, whilst the goat leather palms provide long-lasting grip and flexibility. These mitt-gloves also owe their warmth to the extra long cuff to stop any fluffy white stuff from creeping up your sleeves, and also the removable bemberg/polyester lining. Turtle power!

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Bakoda Zackly Driver snowboard tool

Bakoda Zackly Driver

Riding without an adjustment tool is like cycling without a puncture repair kit. If you don’t have it with you, you’re guaranteed to need it. And there really is nothing worse than watching your buddies float past you on that heavenly powder whilst you trudge your way to the bottom, defeated by your binding malfunction. Ah, such a waste. Take this little guy with you and you’ll never be left in the deep again. With four interchangeable tool bits, a ratchet and fold out handle for extra leverage, this simple pocket tool is as light as the powder you won’t be missing out on ever again.

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Red7 all-in-one snowboard suit

Red7 Snowboard Suit

Like it or not, onesies are here to stay. And don’t Red7 know it?! Somehow they’ve managed to create an all-in-one ski suit that is as cool as it is functional and comfortable. Complete with RECCO avalanche reflectors, zippered vents and a 3-layered soft-shell fabric with a stretch TPU membrane for high levels of water resistance. The CG1 may not be totally waterproof but even the most teched-up snow gear doesn’t count for much when the whole mountain ends up down your pants each time you bail in deep snow! The CG1 sure has got that problem covered!

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Red7 Skiwear

Whether you’re buying for that special person in your life, or after stocking fillers for friend, our list of gifts for snowboarders will have you covered. And if you’re looking for something for your skier buddies then take a look at our gifts for skiers article.

Happy shredding, happy snow lovers!

Gifts for snowboarders

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