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Enamel plates gifts for campers

Camping Gifts: 24 Gifts for Campers That You’ll Want for Yourself!

With so much amazing and innovative outdoor gear on the market, choosing gifts for campers can be a tricky business. Most campers love gear, so at least you’re guaranteed to be barking up the right tree by getting them camping gifts.

But not all ourdoor gear is suitable to give as a camping gift. Plus, it’s probably safe to assume that they already own a bunch of essential gear already. So you’ll need to think a little outside of their extensive gear stash. Go for cool gadgets and more unique camping gifts that aren’t essentials but will definitely be appreciated, loved and well used by anyone who spends time camping.

So if you’re looking for some perfect camping gifts for Dad, cool gift ideas for stocking fillers or really unique gifts for campers who just love stuff, then we’ve got you covered. Just be careful, as this guide to some super chic, stylish and dead useful gifts for campers might just get you adding some things to your own camping gift basket!

Summary of camping gifts

  • nCamp Wood Burning Stove
  • Hydroflask 16oz True Pint
  • The Takedown Skillet
  • OneLogFire
  • Soto Pocket Torch
  • TemboTusk Wine Tote
  • Seamless and Steadfast Enamel Gift Set
  • Solar Shower
  • Luminoodle Light System
  • EvenFlip
  • Camp Chef Cooking Iron
  • Envirofit GoGrill Saver Charcoal Stove
  • FlameStower Portable USB Charger
  • Coleman Xtreme Cooler
  • Happy Campers Poster
  • ENO DoubleNest Hammock
  • GoSun Solar Stove
  • Inflatable Solar Light
  • Stanley Adventure Percolator
  • Stakelights
  • Petzl e+LITE Headlamp
  • GSI Pinnacle Cookset
  • Slipstream Adventure Movies Subscription
  • Cabin Porn: The book

Gifts for campers

nCamp Wood Burning Stove

nCamp Wood Burning Stove

For the camp chef in your life who insists on cooking over fire at every given opportunity, the nCamp Wood Burning Stove couldn’t be a better gift. Fill the combustion chamber with twigs and sticks, and once lit, the durable aluminum and stainless-steel stove is efficient enough to boil a mug of hot water in around 3 minutes. Impressive! It also collapses down to a very tidy and highly portable 9 x 6.5 x 1.5 in (22.8 x 16.5 x 3.8cm), making it ideal for forest camping, ocean-side dining, and woodland picnics. Time to get gourmet with your campfire cooking!

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Amazon | nCamp

Hydroflask Pint

Hydroflask 16oz True Pint

If sipping luke warm beer in the hot sun is your idea of camping heaven, then the Hydroflask 16oz True Pint is NOT the camping gift for you! You’ll hate the effectiveness of its double wall insualtion that keeps drinks superbly chilled for hours. And you probably won’t be bothered about the fact that it is stackable, has a slim design to fit nicely in your hand, and feels wonderful to sip from. But that’s OK. Just leave this gorgeously practical perfect pint to be enjoyed by those who appreciate the finer things in life!

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Amazon | Hydroflask

Takedown cast iron skillet

The Takedown Skillet

This foldable frying pan has all the longlife sturdiness offered by a cast iron skillet but without the associated heaviness. Not something you’d want to take backpacking, but weighing in at just over 2.5lbs, and with a handle that cleverly folds in on itself, the Takedown is clearly designed with the wilderness wanderer in mind. It is half as heavy as its cast iron equivalents and with similar heat-retention properties, this 10 inch pan is ideal for fabulous family feasts cooked over a smouldering campfire.

One Log Fire


The OneLogFire is the perfect gift for weekend warriors escaping the rat race on a Friday night. Ideal for the nights when you rock up to the campsite after dark, this instant and highly portable log fire allows you to step out of hectic city living and slip into a wilderness dream at the strike of a match. And better still, the log manages to burn for two mesmerising hours without the help of chemically treated wood, for an all-natural state of camping happiness.

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Soto pocket torch

Soto Pocket Torch

With the ability to generate up to 2,300ºF of wind resistant heat, this neat little lighter attachment is a game changer for wilderness campers. Fix it onto the end of any disposable lighter and not only does it turn the frustration of windy fire starting into a zero stress task, using it for soldering metal is a breeze too. A great addition to the repair kit of bikepackers and backcountry campers, and a nice luxury item for camp chefs to show off their culinary creativity.

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TemboTusk wine tote

TemboTusk Wine Tote

For campers with a penchant for the occasional fireside tipple, this really is the perfect gift. Forget about risking buying a wine that may not be to their tastes, instead go for the soft-sided, and highly robust design of the TemboTusk wine tote. The attached carabiner makes it easy to carry to wherever your campfire drinking may take you, and the metal shot glass provides an exceptionally handy way to enjoy the contents, in moderation of course.

Seamless and Steadfast enamel gift set

Seamless & Steadfast Enamel Gift Set

If you’re going down the enamel camping crockery route then you really want those bowls, plates and mugs to last a lifetime of happy camping meals. Best Made Co have cut no corners in producing this sturdy, highly durable and perfectly rounded gift set. With a reinforced double dipped enamel rim, there is a weighty quality to the Seamless and Steadfast steel collection, and with a timelessly classic design you won’t be needing to upgrade any time soon. To top it off, the set comes packed in a box with wood wool and tied up with a red wax string. An all round aesthetically awesome addition to the camping dinner table.

Solar shower

Solar Shower

Some tact may be needed when giving this solar camping shower as a gift. Perhaps present it as an outdoor spa experience complete with body scrubs and face masks (which can be stored in the side pocket or attached to the velcro straps). But however they receive it, once they’ve enjoyed the convenience and luxury of a temperature controllable 5 gallon outdoor shower to wash away the grime of outdoor living, they’re guaranteed to thank you forever. Providing there’s enough sun to heat up the water filled bag, the four layers of insulation do an excellent job at retaining heat. Camping luxury at its best.

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Luminoodle Light System

Light up the night with this innovative outdoor lighting system. This bendy noodle of super bright LED light provides a versatile and waterproof solution to outdoor living after dark. The clever design of the universal ties and magnets means that you can hang this glow worm pretty much anywhere, or simply pack up the twinklies into the lantern bag for diffused ambient light. The aptly named Luminoodle is powered by a lithium battery pack and is also compatible with any USB port.

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There are many things a camper should be able to do well, one of which is cooking on a fire. Now if you’ve tried it before, you’ll know that there’s a lot more to it than just holding a kebab stick over the flames and waiting for the magic to happen. So much more, and if you’ve yet to master the precision and skill needed for a perfectly toasted marshmallow, then you need an EvenFlip in your life. The enviably simple gadget with an extendable shaft allows you to evenly cook your food over the campfire from the comfort of your camp chair. No more will your sausages be singed or your mallows turn to mush. Just turn and flip!

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Camp chef cooking iron

Camp Chef Cooking Iron

This cast iron kitchen hand isn’t just a glorified toasted sandwich maker. It is oh so much more. With an even distribution of heat provided by the locked pie ironyou can get as creative with your campfire cooking as your imagination will allow. Stick with simple grilled cheese, or branch out for a gourmet blueberry and cream filled french toast. Cook eggs, hash browns, corn bread or even pizza. This is your personal camp chef, so use it to its potential and you’ll be serving up quick and easy restaurant standard camp meals in no time.

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Envirofit charcoal stove

Envirofit GoGrill Saver Charcoal Stove

Designed as an efficient and safe cooking solution for families in developing countries, Envirofit stoves are now taking the rest of the world by storm with their innovative approach to outdoor cooking, both at home and out at camp. The GoGrill Saver is the perfect option for those that just can’t resist cooking every meal on a grill. Fueled by charcoal, and with the addition of a few grilling accessories, the versatility of the GoGrill allows you to boil, grill or even bake delicious camp food. And its excellent fuel efficiency will have you wondering why you would ever use a gas grill again.

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FlameStower Portable USB Camping Charger

The FlameStower is a real game changer for wilderness explorers and backcountry campers. Keeping electronic devices going allows for much greater levels of flexible exploration and the ability to seek help in emergency situations. And with the simplicity of this lightweight portable USB charger what could go wrong? Just pop the blade in the flames of your fire or stove and let the thermal energy cleverly transfer into an electrical charge for your device. One minute of charge creates two minutes of talk time, leaving you and your devices filled with energy to keep charging hard from start to finish.

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Coleman xtreme cooler

Coleman Xtreme Cooler

With the capacity to hold 205 cans and keep them icy cold for up to 6 summer days, what more do you need to know about this Coleman cooler?! Well for starters, having a cooler that really keeps things icy changes everything about your camping menu, especially if you are catering for a large group of campers. No need to compromise with canned vegetables and dried meats any longer. It’s also sturdy enough to double as a seat and has 4 handy cup holders on the lid, making it ideal for big BBQs in the yard or the park, or for extended family camping trips.

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Happy campers poster

Happy Campers Poster

When campers aren’t out doing their outdoorsy thing in all weathers, they’re usually longing for the wild and wishing they are in it. So put a smile on the face of your unhappy camper friend with this rustic Happy Campers poster. And for those who really need something special to dream about when they’re stuck at home or in the office, a framed version ought to brighten their spirits ready for some ‘in-tents’ camping adventures.

Double nest hammock

ENO DoubleNest Hammock

Turn your wilderness hike into a romantic getaway for two with the ENO DoubleNest hammock. At only 19 oz (540g), the breathable and quick drying nylon hammock for two, stuffs into its attached compression sack, and will be worth it’s weight in gold to relax in at the top of your hike. Swing your way through the afternoon gazing at whatever view you and your loved one choose, and enjoy their cosy cuddles at the same time. The perfect camping gift for couples.

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GoSun solar stove

GoSun Solar Stove

A camping stove that doesn’t need fuel? This may sound like something from a science fiction movie, but GoSun really has managed to harness the power of that giant ball of energy in the sky. With the ability to not just heat food through solar powered magic, but to properly cook it at temperatures of up to 290ºC, this vacuum tube oven really is the miracle solution to fuelless cooking. Its futuristic design converts almost 80% of the sunlight entering the reflectors into heat that is useable to cook your food. And as if that isn’t baffling enough, it will bake, boil, steam or fry even on the cloudy days.

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Inflatable solar lantern

Inflatable Solar Light

Solar power really is the next big thing in outdoor technology, but inflatable solar power? Well that’s something else. At only 4.4oz (125g), the Luci solar light uses the simplicity of sun and air to provide the perfect solution to packing a heavy and cumbersome lantern. When deflated it squishes down to only an inch thick and can be secured down or hung up with an integrated strap. Just hang it up during daylight hours to charge up enough energy to power a super bright LED lantern that is also totally waterproof. Batteries not needed.

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Stanley adventure percolator

Stanley Adventure Percolator

A steamy mug of hot coffee to wake up to when camping is an essential luxury for coffee lovers. And listening to this 6-cup stainless steel percolator bubbling away over an open fire will lift the spirits before the caffeine even reaches your lips. So why not gift your friends with coffee in bed on your next camping trip? Just make sure you take the silicon handle cover off it you’re using it over the fire.

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All campers need new tent stakes or tent pegs in their lives, and giving them as a gift is guaranteed to be appreciated as they are always getting bent or lost. But tent stakes as a gift? Yes, not that glamorous. So put some sparkle in your offering with these 9-inch, aluminium Stakelights, that are as useful as they are fun. The battery powered LED lights provide the ideal homing beacon to your tent on a dark night, and help minimise the potential for lethal guy line falls.

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Petzl elite headlamp

Petzl e+LITE Headlamp

This teenie tiny pocket e+LITE headlamp really is a must for serious campers at the top of their game, all 27g of it. It is the ideal emergency lamp that can survive underwater for up to 30 mins as well as in temperatures as low as -30ºC. The integrated retractable cord makes it highly versatile when not being used as a headlamp. Adjust it from bright white to red, and you’ve got yourself an emergency beam that can be seen from up to 300m away. At only 5cm long it’s not worth ever going out into the wilderness without it.

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GSI cookware set gifts for campers

GSI Pinnacle Cookset

Whatever your current camping cookset, you will struggle to find a four person set up that is as well organised and thought out as the GSI Pinnacle cookset. It has all your culinary needs covered, including the kitchen sink! Two cooking pots with lids, a frying pan, a pot gripper, four plates, four bowls and four mugs with insulated sleeve and sip-it lids, all fit neatly inside the welded sink/stuff sack. The integrated strainers on the lids and non-stick coating on the pans are just a couple of the highly appealing features that this quality, durable yet lightweight set offers. A must for family campers.

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Slipstream subscription

Slipstream Adventure Movies Subscription

Finally, an adventure movie streaming website that delivers the newest and best outdoor films available: Slipstream. Adventure films on tap.Imagine a world where you actually get psyched to go do cool stuff just by watching TV. A world where you can watch a different adventure movie every night of the week, every week of the year without paying $5 per film. Close that dropped jaw, refocus your pupils and stop dreaming. Slipstream has arrived. And has done so in style with one very sleek and highly user-friendly film streaming experience. Buy a subscription as gift to watch a massive (and growing) selection of the latest and greatest adventure movies around. From 5 minute adrenaline-filled teasers, to full-length, big budget feature films. There are around 300 movies to choose from and whichever you decide to view, you’ll be gripped right from the opening credits and left impulsively clicking to the next flick without a second thought.

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Watch Slipstream

Cabin Porn- The book

Cabin Porn: The book

Ah, the humble cabin. A beacon of tranquility in which to escape the complexities of modern life. No stress, zero bars on your phone – just quiet contemplation, a crackling fire and perhaps a stiff drink or two. These days technology is ever present in our lives, and with distractions just a click away it’s become harder to focus on what’s actually important. So it’s no wonder the allure of escaping to a cabin is at an all time high. Which goes someway to explain why is so popular. The aspirational tumblr blog was started by Zach Klein, the co-founder of vimeo, back in 2009, with the simple goal to showcase the most enchanting cabins from around the world.

The stunning user-submitted photography is a great source of inspiration for anyone who dreams of one day building their own little getaway. Which is exactly what Klein and his cohorts did when they purchased Beaver Brook, a forest preserve in Sullivan County, New York, where they’ve built a cabin community with their own hands… and a power tool or two.

Their story, along with 10 other self-builders, is told in the wonderful new cabin porn book and sits alongside hundreds of amazing photos starring the most inviting cabins from the blog. It will certainly provide a brilliant reference to inspire you to make your own quiet place somewhere.

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We hope you find something suitable for the wild one in your life in our selection of the best camping gifts. But if you still haven’t found that perfect and unique gift for campers then take a look at our other gift guides.

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