Illuminated tent with lit up pegs

StakeLights – LED Tent Stakes

Finding your tent in the dark can be tricky. Even when located there is the assault course of guy ropes and stakes to navigate. The UCO StakeLight solves all this by adding an LED light to a robust v-shaped tent stake.

Powered by single AAA batteries, they omit 17 lumens of light which is enough to avoid tripping or stubbing your toe but won’t attract bugs or ruin your night vision. Create a perimeter of light around your tent by simply pressing each bulb. Press them again to activate a strobe mode – ideal for finding your tent in the backcountry after a night walk. Constructed from durable 6000 series aluminium, plus a highly water-resistant casing for the LED, means these 9-inch stakes are built to last, so you should never lose your tent again – unless you forget to turn them on.

UCO StakeLight in packaging


StakeLight tent peg in the ground with light on

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