Scrubba wash bag

The Scrubba Wash Bag

If you’re a seasoned backpacker or traveller, you probably have your own system of dirty laundry storage – dumped in a plastic bag until you stumble upon a sink big enough to hand wash your slowly moulding clothes? Yeah, sounds familiar. If however, you happen to have yourself a Scrubba Wash Bag, then not only do you have yourself a great store for your dirties (without stinking out your clean), but also your very own portable washing machine!

You actually have to do a bit of work to make your clothes clean, but it doesn’t take long – these three simple steps will give you laundry fresh garments in minutes:

Scrubba wash bag

Step 1

Fill the bag with water – 3-6 litres will do it. Add some environmentally friendly liquid detergent and roll down the top of the bag to seal it.

Scrubba wash bag

Step 2

Open the valve to let any excess air out of the bag and re-close. Then scrub away! Rub the clothes on the internal built-in studs for up to three minutes for a quality wash, or less if you’re in a rush.

Scrubba wash bag

Step 3

Open up the bag by unclipping and unrolling it. Empty out the dirty water, and rinse your clothes with clean water either in the bag or under a running tap. Then hang ’em up to dry.

The results will be better than you could ever hope to achieve with your usual hand-washing effort, and it’s also a great option if your actual washing machine has broken down!

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