MUV water filter for hiking

Renovo Water MUV Water Filter

Recently I wrote an article on the best backpacking water filters and purification devices, and found it frustrating that, like most outdoor gear, there isn’t one simple and obvious option that covers all your needs in one. I hate having multiples of things that do a similar job but in a slightly different way – in the ideal world I would need at least three different water purification devices in my life to keep me fully hydrated during my wilderness explorations.

So when I saw that Renovo Water are developing a modular water filter, I was immediately drawn to this new approach. It’s adaptability and versatile design really has ALL your water filtration needs covered in one. How very refreshing! The team at Renovo Water have worked really hard to create a system that is totally adaptable for everyday use, wilderness exploration, biking, camping, international travel, and loads more.

MUV water filter in action

And to top it off, the filtration technology that Renovo Water have developed, has taken a huge leap forward with the MUV’s ability to remove most viruses from water. Most filters aren’t capable of getting rid of the tiny nanoparticles that cause disease in the cells they infect. But the Nanalum MUV 3 Module takes care of 99.999% of viruses and bacteria in contaminated water.

MUV water filter cross-section

Renovo Water have also recognised that there are times when you don’t need the whole system with you; a simple carbon filter is quite sufficient to clean up the taste of your bottle refill from a public tap, so just take that attachment. But if you’re off jetsetting in areas where there is a risk of waterborne diseases, you’ll need the whole setup to clean up your drink.

So if you’re looking for a one stop solution for all your water filtration needs, then check out the Renovo Water MUV Kickstarter project.

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