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Review: Hydro Flask

The team at Hydro Flask are committed to saving the world from lukewarm, and with their TempSheild Double Wall Insulation technology, these sleek and robust flasks do exactly that, and they do it well. So long as what goes in is icy, what comes out will be no different. And what’s more, the liquid only comes out when you want it to – the super secure twist lid seals perfectly (as expected), taking away any need to consider the angle of the bottle in your pack for leak prevention. Another great feature is the 18/8 pro-grade stainless steel that claims not to retain or transfer flavours – the perfect companion for sunset hikes filled with a cool ale to enjoy at the summit.

Hydro Flaskwith lid off

This 21oz flask is also ideal for a whole day’s worth of hot drinks. So if missing out on your caffeine hit is non-negotiable, then the 6 hours worth of hot refreshment will get you through at least two coffee breaks no problem. We enjoyed a piping hot cuppa tea for two, three hours into our hike. The water was still so steamy, that the metal rim on the mouth of the bottle was a little on the hot side, but not too hot to drink out of, and it poured very well into our camping mugs.

Hydro Flask in backpack

The grippy texture is really appealing – not only for holding securely but also to help it sit with confidence in the side pocket of your pack. And for even more security, just clip a carabiner onto the sturdy lid. To top it all off, we love that Hydro Flask donates 5% of the net proceeds of your purchase to a cause of your choice.  They really are out to save the world!

For an on the go hydration solution that will suit everyday use as much as time spent exploring in the wild, the Hydro Flask will not disappoint.

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