Tentsile suspended tent in woodland

Cool Camping Gear You Need in Your Life

Whilst camping is the perfect opportunity to get active and explore nature, it also offers lots of down time, relaxing in the fresh air and taking in the wonderful sights and sounds of life outdoors. And with all that free time and headspace swilling around the campsite, it really is no wonder that so many new and (mostly) useful cool camping gadgets are out there. The thoughts of the avid camper will unavoidably drift towards new ideas for ultimate cool camping setups, and as a result, some super cool camping gear is born. Here are our favourite insanely innovative items of super cool camping gear that have caught our eye recently:

Cool camping gear

Lamzac Hangout couch

Lamzac Hangout

If you love the outdoors but can’t bear a night away from the comfort of your own bed, then the luxury of the Lamzac Hangout makes a pretty cosy substitute. It doesn’t take hours of pumping to inflate it either, just open it up and capture the air that fills it before sealing the end – ideal for the truly lazy camper or festival goer.

Scrubba wash bag

Scrubba Wash Bag

Solve the lack of kitchen sink in your backpack with your very own portable washing machine. Ideal for long distance trekkers to really get the grime out of those sweat soaked socks or for intrepid travellers without access to cleaning facilities.

Pint Canteen bottle and cup

The Pint Canteen

Add a bit of class to your campfire tipple with this stylish yet utilitarian little vessel that covers all your beverage needs. The Pint Canteen is a solid water bottle when you’re on the move, and moonlights as a thermal goblet, keeping your beer cool or your hot choccie piping. Our favourite bit of really unique camping gear.

Thermarest Treo camping chair

Therm-a-Rest Treo Chair

If you love a bit of laid back luxury at camp, then bag a seat on the Therm-a-Rest Treo Chair. Not only is the well made frame strong and comfortable, but the whole thing also compacts down and is contained within its non-skid feet. Never before has a camping chair been so portable, light and easy.

Luminaid LED lantern - cool camping gear

LuminAid Packlite Spectra Lantern

En masse, these hand-sized collapsible LED lanterns add a magical ambiance to the campsite, and are a great addition to your cool festival accessories collection. But they are equally useful as single lanterns, providing enough light to read or cook by, and the solar panels fully recharge the batteries during the daylight hours.

Hydro hammock bath - cool camping set ups

Hydro Hammock Bath

Create your own private paradise with the heated and portable Hydro Hammock. Enjoy by candlelight at the campsite, warm up with a beachside post-surf soak, wallow in a wintery wonderland, or just get into the swing of things anywhere you fancy. The luxury of glamping has just been upped to the next level, so jump on in and relax. A must for all cool camping set ups.

FlameStower Charger - cool camping gear

FlameStower Charger

FlameStower has revolutionised the technological freedom of campers and trekkers with its ability to turn energy from the heat of your campfire or stove into battery juice for your devices. The dawn chorus won’t be the only tweeting that’ll wake you up in the morning!

Tentsile suspended tent in woodland - amazing tents

Tentsile Connect Tree Tent

Reach new heights and make your treehouse dreams come true with a night monkeying around in a Tentsile Tree Tent. This suspended canvas platform enables it’s inhabitants to connect with nature on a whole new level, and you’ll never have the battle to find flat ground to pitch your tent on again.

Biolite NanoGrid - cool camping gear

BioLite NanoGrid

BioLite sure know how get energy to wherever you need it. Not content with a single device charging system, they have created the NanoGrid that provides a portable lighting and energy hub to create a home-from-home feel about your campsite setup. The powerful Li-Ion batteries can be recharged from your wall at home, car or computer and then share power to any of your USB rechargeable gear.

Gobq Grill - cool camping set ups

Gobq Grill

This cool contraption just turned Friday night beach BBQs into an any night of the week event. Its speedy 20 second setup and lightweight portable nature, (it fits into a small backpack), makes the Gobq Grill a convenient way to feast with friends any time, any place.

Blackfire Clamplight Lantern - cool camping gear

Blackfire Clamplight Lantern

Like no other flashlight in the world, this clever Clamplight not only provides excellent light quality, but is also doubles as a lantern. The integrated clamp turns it into a super useful addition to any outdoor adventure – light up your tent, fix it on your bike or illuminate the camp kitchen.

Topeak Bikamper Tent - amazing tents

Topeak Bikamper

Gain ultimate freedom on your next cycling adventure with the Bikamper. This lightweight and compact 3 season tent gives you just enough shelter for a good night’s sleep, wherever you end up. The perfect solution for serious bikepackers and cycling adventurers alike.

Fieldcandy tent - really cool tents

FieldCandy Tent

Turn heads this festival season with the fun and quirkiness of FieldCandy tent designs. These ain’t no ordinary novelty tents – really cool tents don’t just look good – these are high quality tents that will stand up to whatever weather conditions come your way. Plus, negotiating your way through the city of tents never got so easy with your own distinctive landmark to guide you to your bed.

Helinox camping table - cool camping furniture

Helinox Table

Enjoying a meal at the table is a welcome luxury for weary wilderness wanders. But with the Helinox weighing in at under 700g, there’s no harm in adding it to your backpack for a spot of civilised dining. Equally as useful for park picnics or cards on the beach, and it packs down to the size of an umbrella in no time. What a clever bit of cool camping furniture.

Mixbin emergency charger - cool survival gear

Mixbin Instant Charger

On the face of it, this single use phone charger seems somewhat wasteful. However, when used as an emergency back up for wilderness camping or remote travelling, the Mixbin Instant Charger could be a potential lifesaver. It also holds 100% of its charge for an incredible 5 years. Cool survival gear doesn’t just come in blade form!

Having cool camping gear is one of the reasons why many people love camping so much. I mean, forget about all the amazing health benefits of camping and the pure fun of just getting outside! No but seriously, having the best cool camping gear is a super fun way to get the most out of exploring the great outdoors. And most of this cool camping gear is actually pretty darn useful too!

Enjoying being cool happy campers!

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