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Gear Guides

There’s no denying that time in the wild is more enjoyable when you’re not battling against ill-fitting or under-performing gear and clothing. There will always be a need for new gear. But we believe passionately that every new item purchased should be done so with careful consideration. It should serve your needs for many years of use and abuse. Buy it nice, or buy it twice, as they say.

Our gear guides highlight the best gear options currently on the market. Unfortunately, we’re not able to personally test all of the gear that we recommend, though we’re working on that! However, we do a considerable amount of research, and work with brands that we trust and love. Ultimately, the decision is yours. But on presenting to you what we consider the best options, you’ll be better equipped to make a good decision. In the process, you’ll also gain a whole load of knowledge from our gear guides about the gear you are considering investing in and how well it meets your personal needs.

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