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Review: Fjallraven Abisko Trail Tights

Woman hiker sitting on rock in Fjallraven eggings

High performing, lightweight and perfectly practical leggings for summer hiking and camping.

From long days hiking on the trail, to evenings around camp and everyday wear, the
Fjallraven Abisko Trail Tights are THE leggings for outdoorsy gals in 2020. Boasting reinforced knees and rear, large yet discreet pockets, unrivalled comfort and stretch, and exceptional style. The only question that remains is whether the high price of these high performing hiking leggings is worth it, or not. Read on to find out.

Fjallraven Abisko Trail Tights: The stats

Best for:Hiking and camping in cool summer conditions
Fabric:Polyamide and elastane
Fit:Slim, fitted with high waist

Features of the Fjallraven Abisko Trail Tights


Leggings fabricThe tights are made up of three different types of fabric. The main fabric is stretchy with a matt finish that feels soft against the skin. The crotch panel and backs of knees are thinner and even more stretchy and soft, and the knees and rear are reinforced with a ceramic pattern to offer greater durability when sitting and kneeling.


Zipper on leggingsThere are three pockets altogether. One small one embedded in the back of the waistband, and one on the side of each thigh. Both thigh pockets are the same size, but one has a discreet zipper whilst the other has an overlapping closure.


Leggings waistbandMade with the same stretchy, soft fabric as the backs of the knees and crotch, the waistband is super comfortable. It’s wide and stretchy so that you can barely feel it, even when carrying a backpack. There’s also a low profile drawstring inside the waistband to secure the waist in place if needed.

Gusseted crotch

Crotch of leggingsThe tights feature thinner fabric on the backs and insides of the leg, as well as through the crotch area. This fabric is superbly stretchy and breathable, providing greater ventilation than the rest of the tights. Plus, the single band of fabric that extends from the inside knee of one leg, underneath the crotch and down to the inside knee of the other leg, ensures optimal movement. There are no annoying seams in places where seams just shouldn’t be!

Reinforced knees and seat

Rear of hiking leggingsThicker panels of fabric reinforce the knees and backside of the tights. The fabric is textured with a ceramic pattern and the seat panel extends right around the sides of the hips as well as covering the backside.

Fjallraven Abisko Trail Tights

Fjallraven Abisko Trail Tights review

During the summer months I much prefer to hike in shorts. Not only are they much cooler and airy when the temperature starts to rise, I also find them much more comfortable. But they provide limited protection from abrasion on rocks, bugs and foliage, and don’t offer any kind of versatility should there be a drop in temperature. Hiking shorts are great, until they’re not!

During the shoulder seasons, or when the summers are as unpredictable as it is in the UK, lightweight leggings really come into their own. They pack down small if you don’t want to commit to them for the whole hike, they offer a degree of breathability and ventilation to regulate temperature and provide way more protection to your precious pins than shorts do.

For many casual hikers taking on short routes in good conditions, any old sports leggings will do. They just need to breathe sufficiently, be comfortable and not take an age to dry. However, regular hikers tackling longer routes in changeable conditions will certainly benefit from hiking specific leggings. Yes, like the Abisko Trail Tights!

Woman sitting outside of tent


Despite my preference for good old-fashioned shorts, I’ve actually been wearing these tights way more than I’d expected so far this summer. And not just for hiking. The wind is almost always blowing in Cornwall. So even on the hottest days here, the evenings still warrant a change of leg-wear. Shorts just don’t cut it. BBQs on the cliffs and evening beers at the beach are their most regular outings. But I also get them straight on once I’ve arrived at our camping spot after hiking. They take the chill off, and their reinforced areas lend themselves very well to camping – all that sitting and kneeling on damp, rough ground takes its toll on your clothing after a while, you know!

Of course, on grey summer days when it’s windy they are truly ideal. Yes, I’d rather my legs were free in flapping shorts. But the thinner panels of fabric provide just enough airiness to keep me comfortable, especially if there’s a breeze. Plus, wearing them in such conditions means that I don’t get chilly during snack breaks.

Like almost all Fjallraven products, the Abisko Trail Tights are rather pleasing to the eye. At least I think so, anyway! Despite their ever-so-practical design, they still manage to pull off an air of casualness that you can just about get away with for everyday wear. The matt finish and classy colour-ways help with this. As does the subtle colours of the reinforced knees and butt area (unlike their warmer cousin, the Abisko Trekking Tights.)

Also, because they’re so stretchy and comfortable, they’re excellent for running in cooler conditions. Anything below 5ºC and they lack the warmth of winter running tights. However, for cool days in the shoulder seasons they’re ideal.

Hiker crossing river


As well as being versatile, breathable and comfortable, high performing hiking pants and leggings should also be tough, durable and quick drying. Though I can’t yet comment on their long term durability, so far they have dealt very well with abrasion on rocks and undergrowth with no snagging or show of wear. I’ve no qualms about sliding down a rough rock on my backside; the reinforced rear has got me covered! The tights also dry remarkably quickly. Just before hopping into my sleeping bag I got them wet wading through deep grass that was saturated from earlier rainfall. I cursed that I hadn’t rolled them up as I’d planned on sleeping in them. But by the time I’d faffed around getting ready for bed they’d dried completely!

Additionally, these tights are completely unrestrictive. I have complete freedom of movement in every direction. No tightening of the knees as I crouch or take a big step up. And certainly no restriction through the crotch area. They’re mega stretchy right through.


I’m 5ft 5in tall, weigh around 8.5 stone and wear a size S. However, I’ve found that I do need to pull in the cord at the waist to stop them bagging a little at the crotch. They’re also a little crinkly/baggy all over and a touch on the long side. I’ve not tried a size XS but think that going down a size might be worth considering.

Woman hiking on coast path in leggings

What I love the most about the Fjallraven Abisko Trail Tights

The Abisko Trail’s are the sort of leggings I look forward to wearing. I feel great in them and also feel like they’ll take on anything. Reliable, robust and mega durable. They’re also really comfortable, especially at the waist which is a high wear area when carrying a backpack.

What I don’t love so much about the Fjallraven Abisko Trail Tights

My main gripe about these tights is their price. My friend saw them on me and loved them so much that she wanted them too, until I sent her the link and she saw the price!

Yes, they are probably one of the priciest hiking leggings around. But they’re also one of the best looking, best made, and practical options around. Most hikers wouldn’t think twice about spending the same on a good jacket, so why not leggings when they perform as well as they do?

Also, the sizing is a little on the large size and a little long in the leg for me.

Woman hiking in Fjallraven tights


They may be on the pricey side for summer hiking tights, but if it’s high performance you’re after, without compromising on comfort and aesthetics, then the Abisko Trail’s are VERY hard to beat. Living up to Fjallraven’s usual top quality and strong ethical foundation, the classy style of these tights will leave you wondering why you need any other outdoorsy pants in your life!

Am I a convert of wearing leggings for hiking in hot conditions? Not just yet! But for cool, windy days in summer and warm days in the shoulder seasons, lightweight hiking tights are most certainly the way forward. And the Fjallraven Abisko Trail Tights are top pick for me, every time.

Two big thumbs up!

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Disclaimer: Cool of the Wild received this product free in return for an honest review. We only recommend gear that we love from companies we trust and we are under no obligation to give a positive review. All thoughts and opinions are that of the reviewer and we are in no way influenced by the brand or company.

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