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14 Cool Tents for an Alternative Camping Setup

Field Candy Tent

Camping is one of those things that you either really love, or really hate. There are plenty of reasons to hate it, but as someone totally besotted with sleeping out under the stars, reeling off a list of reasons why I love it so much will leave you wishing you had never asked. One of the best things, and perhaps my favourite of all, is a really cool tent. Actually it doesn’t even need to be that brilliant. Snuggling up in the simple cosiness of a tented home, takes me right back to the fun and adventure of den making as a kid, and I love the reminiscent warmth and security that it fills me with.

So for you fellow lovers of life under canvas, I’d like to share this collection of exceptionally cool tents for camping, that threaten to turn even the most avid haters of camping towards an appreciation of why camping really is so great.

14 super cool tents that will make you love camping!

Cocoon Tree Tent

The Cocoon Tree Tent

This won’t win any prizes for it’s lightweight and portable qualities, but the fairytale appeal of escaping into your own private floating bubble, more than makes up for it’s impracticalities, and if you’re looking for cool tents for chic camping vacations, then this is the tent for you. The solid, weatherproof and durable design of the Cocoon Tree, can be pitched high up in the trees or on solid ground if you would prefer. But whatever location you choose, hanging out in this highly unique tent certainly takes glamping to another level altogether.

Ikamper Road Trip Roof Tent

Ikamper Road Trip Roof Tent

Everyone loves a road trip, and with the addition of a roof tent to your accommodation options, there really are no boundaries to where the open road can take you. The Ikamper Road Trip provides ultimate freedom to overground exploration without taking up precious packing space inside your vehicle. Easy and quick to put up, the streamline and efficient design is as weatherproof as any normal ground tent, and one of the best tents for the spontaneous camping road tripper.

Cool Dog Funky Monkey Tent

Funky Monkey Cool Dog Tent

If you love camping with your dog and are looking for the ultimate cool tent then you might have just found it! The simple A-frame design of this two person/one person, one dog tent will keep you protected from the weather with little complaint. But with few other features worth mentioning, it really is the seriously cool dog that makes this a seriously cool tent. And it’s a cool tent that needs to go with you and your pup to every camping festival that is worth being seen at.

The Cinch Pop-up Tent

The ultimate pop-up tent for festival fanatics and car campers alike, The Cinch offers so much more than the flimsy and short-lived pop-ups of the past. These instant tents are spacious and stable and also offer loads of cool little extras to make your time under canvas as convenient and enjoyable as possible. So if you’d rather relax over a cool cider than spend hours pitching a tented tunnel town, then The Cinch is for you.

Bubble tent

Bubble Tent

This is one for the naturists out there who have little regard for their privacy! Either that, or you’ll need a whole load of private land to enjoy camping in this highly unique tent.  At 5m in diameter, The Bubble makes a very spacious bedroom for two or a cosy cocoon for up to 5 campers. Either way, the PVC canopy means that you’re guaranteed front row seats for the star show that will unfold once the sun goes to bed.

Flying Tent and Logo

Flying Tent

If it’s a multifunctional 4-in-one floating tent, bivy tent, hammock and poncho that you’ve been searching for, then look no further – the Flying Tent has landed. No more do you need to take multiple items to cater for your wilderness sleeping needs. So no matter what camping capers you find yourself mixed up in, this genius little instant tent has you covered in only 7 short seconds and is one of the more unique tents for one person on the market. For more info, read our full review of the Flying Tent.

POD Tent Maxi Elite

POD Tent Maxi Elite

The POD Tent is the perfect solution for family camping holidays and sociable campers. The main Maxi tent sleeps up to 8 people, but the real selling point for this cool tent is the ability to attach tented extensions to the main POD via a simple tunnel setup. Like the need for home improvements and extensions, simply add a POD as your family grows, without the hit of a big initial investment.

VW Campervan Tent

VW Campervan Tent

This exact scale tented replica of the already very cool 1965 VW camper, has the vintage charm of the classic van without the clunky old engine and slow travel times to contend with. The roomy interior provides enough space to stand up in, eliminating the back breaking stooping usually required in vans, and the sliding door is replaced by a zip to open up an entrance to two double ‘bedrooms’ on either side. Super fun and one of our favourite cool tents for kids.

Nias Heimplanet Inflatable Unique Tents

Nias Heimplanet Inflatable Tent

The idea of an inflatable tent may seem like a load of hyped up hot air, but the innovation behind Heimplanet’s tents will blow you away. New on the scene, the Nias combines the ease and quality of a geodesic dome design with the practical living space of a tunnel tent, resulting in a super versatile 4-6 person shelter. One of the most unique tents out there. Read our review on Heimplanet’s cool inflatable tents.

Lotus Belle Tent

Lotus Belle Tent

This is one of the most effortlessly cool tents that luxury campers just need to have on their list of gorgeous glamping accessories.  The stylish lines of this canvas bell tent offer a spacious and highly comfortable way to enjoy camping. So much so that you can even bring along your bed if you like! The PVC windows are fully openable to let in the cool breeze on the hot days or to gaze out of on the cold rainy days. Ideal for year round camping, and add in a tent stove and you’ve got yourself a perfect winter tent to get cosy in.

Field Candy Unique Tents

Fully Booked Unique Tents by FieldCandy

FieldCandy really have taken the idea of cool tents literally! Their extensive range of quirky designs add flare and colour to the camping world. But read between the lines, and it’s not just their creative prints that makes them stand out from the crowd; their high spec profile is comparable to that of an expedition tent, holding up to whatever the weather will throw at them. A must for those searching for cool tents for festivals.

Tentsile in the forest - amazing tents

Tentsile suspended tents

If you’re above the pedestrian pastime of ground level camping, then set your sights on the high life with the creation of your very own Tentsile Ewok village. Tent setups really don’t get much cooler than this, and with endless options for suspended living in these awesome tents, you can let your imagination and creativity run as wild as the life in the trees.

Opera tent camper

The Opera Trailer Tent

This is really stretching the boundaries of what constitutes a cool tent, but The Opera really is too cool not include in this selection of super cool tents. The impeccably chic design goes way beyond the realms of glamping and allows you to take the luxuries and comfort of top notch hotels and place them right in the middle of whatever natural beauty you choose to enjoy. To top it of, you get the romance of sleeping under canvas without the discomfort of sleeping on the cold ground.

Siesta 4 Tent - cool tents

Siesta 4 Tent

Now on the face of it, the Siesta 4 seems like any other normal tent, and it doesn’t even look particularly cool. But cool is exactly what it is! Inspired by early sunrises in sweltering heat, Outback Logic have created these really cool tents that won’t turn your sleep into a dry-mouthed, sweaty endurance test, but keep you comfortably cool late into the morning. The versatility of the design even allows for USB powered fans to be installed into side vents. Ideal for festival goers who barely make it to bed before sunrise, or for desert trekkers where shade is sparse.

If it’s something a little more geared towards wilderness camping that you are after, then check out our pick of the best backpacking tents. And for some super cool tents for kids, our guide to the best family camping tents will be just what you are after.

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