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Adventure Subscription Boxes

Ever met an adventure junkie who doesn’t LOVE a good bit of outdoor gear? Nope. Me neither. I even know people who have a monthly outdoor ‘kit fund’ to make sure there’s enough left in the kitty for that ‘must-have’ new gadget.

But what if you don’t know what you want? Or worse still, you’re not sure what’s the “latest and greatest”? Then you have spend a ton of time researching the best this, and the newest that, AND be expected to make a decision!

Fear not outdoor gear lovers: The Nomadik has your kit fund well and truly taken care of. From as little $29.99 per month they deliver a themed box containing 3-6 innovative newly launched gear items. A premier adventure subscription box full of exciting outdoor goodies on your doorstep? Every month?! It’s like Christmas come early (only 12 times over!).

And if a delivery of super cool outdoor gear, tools and fuel isn’t enough to get you psyched for your next adventure, then you’ll certainly be chomping at the bit once you’ve read their adventure tips and stories. Not to mention a new Nomadik Adventure Challenge each month where you can win prizes. Oh, and did I mention that you end up getting 40% off the items you receive? Winner!

But the best part..?

The Nomadik realises that from time to time they might send you stuff you already own. Or indeed, stuff you don’t want to own. So to make sure every month really is like Christmas, they have a 30-Day Ironclad Money-back Guarantee. This allows you to pick another item from their inventory list, they’ll mail it to you (for free), and you don’t even need to mail back the item you don’t want. Kit fund sorted!

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Valid until 14th June 2018

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