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Showers Pass Trailhead Hoodie

Trailhead Bamboo-Merino Hoodie

The magic of merino clothing promises (and delivers) itch-free comfort to most wearers. However, there are an unlucky few whose sensitive skin still can’t tolerate it. Thankfully, the wonderful folk at Showers Pass have developed an exceptionally luxurious solution to what is a frustrating problem for some. They’ve combined the insulating and odour resistant qualities of merino with the the moisture wicking properties of bamboo. This 50/50 bamboo-merino combo creates an oh-so-soft bamboo finish on the inside that feels incredibly cosy on your skin. Totally itch-free for even the most sensitive wearers.

Amongst their range of bamboo/merino clothing is the gorgeous Trailhead Hoodie. Not only is this all-natural fibre long sleeve top incredibly soft and comfortable, it also ticks a good few boxes in terms of style, function and practicality.

With a relaxed yet fitted cut, that is true to size, the hoodie features a super sleek cowl neck and a long hem at the back — both essential in helping keep the warmth in and the draft out! The kangaroo pocket at the front has almost invisible zippers, and there is also a bonus zippered pocket (that you can easily miss!) to the rear of the hoodie.

There are no annoying internal tags, the sleeves are long with fitted cuffs and the hood is fitting enough to wear underneath a helmet. But what’s most refreshing about the Trailhead Hoddie is that it’s a highly technical top without looking like one! Ideal for those wanting to fit outdoor activity into everyday life.

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