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Shore Ride

On those perfect evenings when the wind has dropped and the water is calm, a quick blast out on the water on your SUP or kayak is the ideal reminder of why you chose beach life in the first place. But if you live close to the sea yet still have to drive your SUP to the water’s edge, some of joy can instantly be taken out of your evening on the water. That quick hour of escapism can soon turn into a whole world of faff: securing your board to your roof rack, driving round in circles to find the closest parking spot to the beach, probably having to pay for that parking spot, and then you’ve still got to lug your board to the water’s edge.

Even carrying a longboard down to the beach can be a mission (especially if you have little arms!). Add in some wind and you end up being zapped of all your energy before you’ve even made it into the water.

Enter Shore Ride.

This super simple and very easy to use set of board wheels eliminates the need to use your car to get your board to the water. Just strap the wheels on and go! Either pull it behind you as you walk, or loop it over the saddle of your bike and tow it to the beach – ideal for those who live that little bit further away from the water, or for those who prefer making the extra effort to get to those secret ‘local’ spots.

Made from toughened neoprene, the Shore Ride straps provide some protection for your board or craft from dings and dents on its journey to the water. And because the straps are fully adjustable, you can use it to transport your surfboard, SUP, kayak or windsurfer. The pneumatic tyres deal with rough terrain with no problem, and once you get to the beach it packs down neatly enough to stash behind a rock whilst you get in the water to do your thing.

Shore Ride is an absolute must to make life a good deal easier for those wanting to get out on the water regularly. Any method of maximising time doing what you love and minimising the faff that goes with it is only a major plus in our eyes.

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