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Floating Sunglasses

Years ago I worked as a canoeing instructor on the great Ardeche River in France; a deep and meandering gorge that saw temperatures rise to the mid 40’s throughout the summer months. The only respite from the intense sun was to leap into the cool waters below. Unfortunately, back in those days, sunglasses weren’t water friendly and the inevitability of diving in without a thought for my shades left me replacing each lost pair with a cheaper and less protective version.

But I wasn’t the only one who lost sight of their shades. Each year on the 14th July, thousands of French families take to the river to enjoy their national holiday of Bastille Day. During the days of sinking sunnies, hundreds of pairs of often expensive glasses ended up at the bottom of the Ardeche. Easy pickings for local snorkelers to sweep up and cash in on during the aftermath of the busy holiday.

Now, if only I and all those happy paddlers had themselves a pair of floating sunglasses! Thanks to the genius of Rheos floating sunglasses, we can all cruise the waters in style, free from the worry of losing our protective eye-wear.

Not only do these great looking shades float, they also provide 100% UV400 protection from the sun. The premium polarised lenses also block the damaging effects of horizontal light and reflective glare from water or snow.

I first wore these wayfarer style Sapelos shades on a canoeing trip at a hen-do. I had no idea how likely it would be for me to end up in the sea as a result of the games and challenges, but it just didn’t matter! As it happens, I dodged getting dunked, but my new sunnies were essential in the pool later on.

They are really lightweight and very comfortable to wear. But don’t be fooled by their featherlike qualities. The shatterproof lenses, super durable screw-lock hinge and TPX frame make them a sturdy and solid choice for water babies and land dwellers alike.

To top off the appeal of these fit for every occasion floating sunglasses, Rheos also support Extra Special People, a camp for kids of all abilities. $10 from every sale through local retail partners is donated directly to ESP.

Thanks to Laura Rhodes at Curious Rose Photography for the awesome photos, and like her on Facebook.

Woman in pool with Rheos sunglasses

Rheos Floating Sunglasses

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