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Tent at night

Reflective Cord

What could be worse than failing to find where you pitched your tent when returning from a midnight call of nature? Finding it by tripping over the hidden guy lines would probably do it! Replace those pesky hidden guy lines with some Nite Ize Reflective Cord and you’ll never lose your tent (or risk breaking your neck!) again. The tough nylon cord has a special reflective strip woven into it that gives the appearance of a fully illuminated rope when a light is shone on it.

But it’s not just guy lines that this multi-purpose rope is good for. At 2.44mm thick, the lightweight rope is ideal as a washing line, and prevents people from garroting themselves in the night. Or hang up your bear bag with it, making midnight snack time much less complicated! Whenever you need cord at camp, make it the Nite Ize Reflective Cord and you’ll never be caught short in the dark again.

Reflective cord

Guy line

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