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Morphcooker pan


This revolutionary solar powered camping stove may be about to change the lightweight backpacking world forever! At only 350g (14oz) and 18mm thick when packed down, the Morphcooker is lighter than almost all camping stove and cookset combos – by a long way. It’s also not affected by the wind or cold, can safely be transported in a plane, is safer than cooking over a flame, and is environmentally friendly. But where this collapsible all-in-one camp cooking setup really shines (especially for those who like variety in their camping food menu), is the number of ways in which you can cook meals – fry, grill, boil, bake and grill press. Finally, toasted cheese sarnies in the backcountry! Oh, and it can also be used to heat your sleeping bag or charge your phone! Seriously, what can’t the Morphcooker do?!

Morph grill press

Morph fry pan

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