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Hiking with surf boards

Surf Backpack

If you’re serious about sessioning those secret surf spots then you’ve got be equally serious about getting to them, no matter how much of mission it is. But if you’ve ever hiked more than a mile holding your surfboard then you’ll know how much of a pain in can be. Add in some wind and tricky terrain and you’ll soon be wishing you had something super functional, comfortable and versatile to carry your board with. Something like the Koralac Surf Backpack! It effortlessly holds not one, but three boards, should you need them! It boasts all the usual things you’d want in a great backpack: comfort, multiple pockets, good support, good storage and carry handles. Plus that all important board carrying ability leaving you hands free to skate, cycle, SUP or cartwheel your way to the water!

Skater with surf boards


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