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Kogalla RA Adventure Light

Ra Adventure Light

Tired of letting the dark evenings get in the way of your adventures? Still looking for a headlamp that actually delivers what it claims to? Well, you can stop searching right now — the Kogalla Ra Adventure Light has stepped into the spotlight and is taking the nocturnal adventuring world by storm, one insanely powerful light beam at a time!

With 800 lumens of incredibly bright light, the Ra claims to be as bright as 5 high quality headlamps. A bold claim that is a struggle to buy into until you’ve used it. Only then can you fully appreciate just how bright this thing is, and just how wide the light dispersion is too (120º in fact!). This combo of brightness and width makes the Ra incredibly effective at lighting up the whole area you are in as well as the area you are moving into. And with several very cool ways of attaching the world’s first straplight to stuff, there really is no end to where your night time adventures may take you.

The Ra is fully waterproof with a rating of IPX7 making it ideal for after dark paddling, rainy running and camping. It comes with a USB rechargeable battery pack, red and green light covers, velcro tape, a D-ring strap, and a magnetic panel that connects to the 10 embeded rare earth magenets in the back of the light — everything you could possibly need to attach it to, well, anything! It can be securely (and easily) fastened to your clothing, a backpack, your bike, a tent, your car, underneath a tarp, the collar of your dog/horse, your boat etc etc. The list is endless and it really does revolutionise the way you can interact with the outdoor world after dark. (Oh, and it’s also pretty darn great when the power in your house decides to die!)

Ra pack

Lit up cave

Ra straps

Kayaking at night

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