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Kitesurfing with backpack

XO 6.2 Waterproof Backpack

This streamlined and kind of stylish looking running backpack had me sold on waterproof. Yep, fully submersible for the types of adventures that could take you in any direction, like under a waterfall, or to the bottom of a lake. With a carrying capacity of 6.2 litres, the Helixot XO is just the right size to carry everything you need for amphibious adventures. And with a water tight screw-cap (that is much like the design of Camelbak water bladders) you can be confident that even your electrical devices will be safe and sound from any liquid elements trying to get inside the bag.

The bag has all the usual supporting straps and pads you would expect from a running backpack and if you’re still not sold then maybe the video will make you want to get one just so you have an excuse to go on mini swim/sail/run/canyoning adventures! No really, why are we all not adventuring in this way?

Waterproof backpack

Helixot backpack

Swimming with packpack


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